first few days with Thatcher

my whole heart right here!

It’s been ten days of JOY and we are home, happy, and recovering. Thatcher is such a sweet and mellow baby, he hardly fusses. He smells so good and his skin is so soft. He is nursing really well and today when I picked him up I gasped at how much heavier he seems already! Recovering from my fourth c-section has been my best yet- I know my OB is just a really good surgeon and that has helped so much- made such a difference in post-partem. I have picked up a few tricks along the way- stay on top of pain meds, stand/walk as soon as possible, and avoid having staples at all costs.

I’m working on little Thatcher’s birth story because the whole day was beautiful, one of the most amazing experiences of my life, but it will take me a bit to get it down on paper. It was special. He is special. I can hardly think about it without major tears welling up in my eyes! So many tender mercies and answered prayers that day and the days following.

This morning I packed up my family and sent them all to Disneyland without me. Mixed feelings, obviously, major FOMO because I LOVE disney but also I’m not about to take a newborn to the park while healing from a c-section. I know my boundaries. The kids have been looking forward to this trip for months- with dad and many of their cousins and grandma and grandpa. They are in good capable hands and will have such a fun week. Anyway, while they are gone I’m going to sleep and eat toast and hold my little baby… and catch up on posting.

Here are a few more of Thatcher’s first few days at home. We love him so’s hard to remember our family before he was here. He has filled some major holes in my heart and continues to be such a little miracle. Babies are miracles! Every single one. Everyone says he looks just like Lincoln- and he does! He really does. But his round little face also reminds me of baby Isabelle sometimes… and his hairline is just like hers. His hair is so light and blonde! Fluffy in the back, I love it so much.

Thatcher, day ten

Sleepy and those CHEEKS!
Big yawn
Isabelle is so happy to have a little baby brother at home to hold. First thing in the morning- she wants to hold him. And as soon as she gets home from school, she wants to hold him again. It’s so cute. 

his little lips!

“Mom his head feels like a peach!”
I love when they are all froggy and folded.

a little smile!
and a big smile!

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