First day of Preschool

Lincoln has been waiting to start preschool since last May when we spent the day at the facility with his best friend Ryder. He finally got his turn this week. YAY. Really excited is an understatement. I have a parent day at the co-op every Wednesday, so as it happened I got to stay and watch his first day. It was so cute. SO CUTE. All the kids were really happy to be there, running around from thing to thing.

“these are my super fast blue shoes.”
“Mom let me show you my pack pack”
Lincoln’s favorite part of the preschool is the huge outside area. Swings, jungle gym, a bike path with little helmets. Sand box, water table, paint, etc etc etc. Just so much for their little minds to do. A lot of his little pals from soccer are in this co-op, so he has some friends. And seriously, no one else exists to him besides Ryder.

Snack time.
Marble painting.

last year vs this year. make it stop!

Today was his first day without me there- and as I did the whole “love you, I’ll be back in a little bit etc” mom convo he said “Mom, don’t worry, I won’t miss you.” Alright then, kid.

I’m happy we found a place that will be so wonderful for Lincoln. We really loved doing the mom joy school co-op last year, but thought he needed something more formal before kindergarten next fall. (NO. I refuse. He can’t go.) I think there is a lot of pressure to have the kids basically kindergarten proficient by the time they turn five and I really like that there is so much social/play time here. I mean, he’s FOUR. Let them be little.
He’s such a happy kid. Makes me laugh.

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