the san antonio sumsions

I am going to blog today! I keep meaning to do it, but the kids go to bed and I’m too tired to do anything but gestate. I’m so good at that part. Anyway.

A couple weeks ago my brother Sean and his family came to visit from Texas. Sean just completed his residency in Ophthalmology and we are so proud of him! It’s been years and lots of work as a family, but they are ALMOST DONE. YAY.

You’ll never guess what we did everyday.


Kids had swim lessons in the morning and after that we did more water activities. No better way to wear out a bunch of kids than swimming. They are so creative and invent all sorts of silly games- and we taught them dibble dabble, which was a staple from my childhood.

Bennett, Kira, Emma, Jake, Linc the seal, Izzie, Allison, Madilyn and Baylor
playing magformers

We spent a morning at Brandy Beach at Whiskeytown- it’s only about twenty minutes from my house. The kids were SUPER THRILLED that Uncle Sean got all the way into the water and attacked him accordingly.

“Mom my hands are wet can you feed me”

One night we ALL got baby sitters! And went to dinner! And ate it slowly without any kids around! Actually the best part of that night was wandering Target with all of these adults being ridiculous. Little diet coke, and we are a good time.

lunch poolside. Grandma had to invest in another table.
4th of July church! Isabelle’s dress is one of my all time favorites.
boy cousins reading instruction manuals. Linc LOVED having an older boy cousin around.
stars and stripes (also isabelle is tannnnn)
this baby, I want to EAT him up he is so fluffy and soft

We spent the whole day together on the 4th- major swimming, icees, and my dad smoked like six racks of ribs. Like six! Oh man they were so good though. Some kids stayed up for the fireworks, others did not.

rita’s in our suits
realllllly excited about his blue icee
post swim, post bath, nintendo mario kart. Hilarious and so entertaining.
And here is Bitzer, who is turning out to be quite the Turd Ferguson.

We are so lucky to have my parents close- they sort of serve as home base. Every day we ended up over there at the pool talking about our kids and church callings and pregnancy… our kids just love to be together and when the cousins went back home, everyone was sad. Can’t wait for them to finish out in San Antonio and join us here in California! 

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