birthday month

Well up until this week, July was a really stellar month for us.

Summer is fun. The kids don’t really nap regularly anymore and we can just power through the afternoon by the pool and everyone goes to bed early.  We’ve done a lot of swimming, and my parents put in a splash pad in their back yard. We also celebrated my birthday, visited the temple, and took a quick trip to Monterey to escape the heat and see the ocean.

Every year on my birthday my mom gets out my baby book and bins of pictures. We shuffled through a bunch of photos and found some hilarious ones. We were cute kids. And I think everyone can relate to the awkward grow-into-your-teeth phase.

Me holding Morgan, with Sabs rockin the side pony.
my little best friends.

anne shirley swimming on my birthday
My most favorite pizza ever.

A few weeks before my birthday, JaNae and I were doing lashes and talking about cake, as we do sometimes. We were talking about how Morgan has sort of ruined us from eating regular cake because her cakes are so good that it makes eating other cakes not really worth the calories or effort. JaNae got Morgan’s special recipe and made me my most favorite cake- vanilla on vanilla. As if she didn’t have enough to do- relief society, three kids, and 36 weeks pregnant- she baked and layered and frosted a cake for me. It was SO nice and I seriously devoured that cake. It is my favorite.

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