insta-update vol. 28

Well it’s been almost a month of school and we are really settling into a routine. I almost typed “fall routine” but it was 102 degrees today and it doesn’t feel like fall at all. I’m so tired of my summer clothes I want to throw them all away, and I look lovingly at the shelf in my closet full of pullovers and cardigans and long pants. Stop being so hot here.

Isabelle is doing so well in school. She is prepared and capable and confident and I’m so proud of her I could explode. Putting her in TK was just the right decision for us and I can’t believe we almost missed it! She is pretty tired in the evening- school everyday plus ballet two days a week is an adjustment for her and so far she’s just going to bed a little earlier. I put a little note in her lunch box everyday and before school she doodles on a post it and puts it somewhere around the house. I think I have about twenty little sticky notes all lined up on my dresser. She is making new friends and learning new things and I love to hear about her day.

Lincoln is so funny, I swear 2 1/2 is one of my most favorite ages. I know he is a ton of work and a huge stinker but he is SO FUNNY. He is my little sidekick right now and we do everything together. He says stuff like “Oh! I didn’t know that!” and “I liiiiiiike that.” and “I HAS A WEDGIE.” On Friday night I was cooking dinner and he asked for a popsicle. I told him he could have one after he ate dinner.. he wasn’t pleased but he accepted it. While we were eating dinner I ran into my room for something and Lincoln came in crying. “My daddee…he say no paw-sicle!” He was so distraught. I took him by the hand out to the kitchen to figure out why he was so upset and Lincoln turned to Jazz and said, “YOU DON’T KNOW!!! You DON’T!” Oh my word I laughed so hard… he totally knows who’s the boss around here.

We have some fun events coming up and it is always nice to have things to look forward to. Disney trip! Isabelle’s birthday, Halloween. A solo weekend to Arizona to visit my sisters and meet a new sweet baby. But it is sort of hard getting further away from Maxwell’s life. One of my greatest fears is that he will be forgotten…fewer people ask how we are doing or ask about his story and new people we meet have no idea about our third child. I never want him to be excluded from our family of which he is certainly and so prominently a member. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about what we would be doing if things were different, if he were here with us.

Jazz is basically my hero and I love him. He is the source of my happiness and is always so supportive when I fall apart from time to time. He makes me laugh and he’s getting pretty good at replacing the garbage bag in the trash can when he takes it out, so I think I’ll keep him.


maxwell’s park/ visiting school


their favorite activity/taking grandpa’s 1981 chevy for a joyride
vintage american girl (ha!) / my favorite activity


his face. seriously. / still warm enough to swim…naked


homework/ waiting for izzie


not always lollipops and rainbows at our house/ “I be rawr”
Also have you guys seen Chatbooks? They take all your instagrams and print them into a little book. Me and the kids love to look at them and they ask me to tell them the story behind each picture. I’m totally sold, especially for $6 a book. 

1 thought on “insta-update vol. 28

  1. Is that the same red truck you drove in high school?? When are you coming to AZ? Can we try to meet for coffee one day?


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