Linc gets an upgrade.

A few weeks ago, Morgan sent us a picture of Margo in her new twin bed, all cozy and tucked in. Lincoln saw the pictures and immediately said, “WHERES MY BED, I MATCH.” I love that he didn’t want to match Isabelle down the hall, just Margo his same-size cousin. Lincoln is pretty tall and was reallllly pushing the limits of still being contained in his crib. I love the crib because it’s like okay thanks byeeeee gnite go to sleep. Can’t get out. Can’t run away. Stay in alllllll of nap time. It’s glorious.

But he kept talking about his mythical Blue Bed and how he wanted it sooo I finally agreed and we went shopping. First of all, there are not many blue beds in existence. Secondly, the blue beds I like are really expensive. And we live in Redding, with very few options. Ultimately we craistlisted and bought blue bedding hoping that would suffice for Lincoln. The bedding is from Land of Nod and the duvet was $69 on clearance for $19! 
Is it weird that I was emotional when I put him down for his last nap in his crib? It’s just one of the final things that makes him a baby. Babies sleep in cribs. Big boys sleep in twin beds and potty train and move away to college. I know I’m really milking the baby thing with Lincoln but it keeps my arms full and my heart patched up so it’s okay for a little while. There is just something delicious about lifting a sleepy warm baby out of their crib and patting them on your shoulder for a few minutes after a nap. Our crib is now empty for the first time in five years.
Lincoln and I went to pick up the bed in the good ol’ 1981 Chevy Scottsdale. (He loves riding in that thing it’s like Disneyland.) He helped me clean it up and polish it and wash the bedding and he was SO excited to get it all together. After his nap we packed up his crib related items and set up his new bed. MY BLUE BED MY BLUE BED he would yell to no one in particular.
Night came, and we did our regular routine. Lincoln is sort of…a stinker. I mean, he’s 2 1/2 and it’s their nature but I fully expected to spend hours putting him back into bed over and over until we both fell asleep on the hallway carpet at midnight. But I gotta give him some credit, I underestimated the little guy. We tucked him in, told him that if he got out of bed, his pacis would go in a time out. If you’ve met Lincoln, you know his pacis are his precioussss and when he sleeps he has to have three- one for his mouth, and one for each hand to rotate. You guys, I know this is ridiculous. Completely insane, he’s way too old for a paci dependency and we will cross that bridge but FIRST we had to train him in his bed. 
It’s been a week now and so far he has been wonderful. The pacis have only gone in time out twice, and I think it scared him into realizing that I seriously meant business. He has slept so well and it’s nice to know he has tons of room to spread out and roll around. He’s pretty proud of himself and wants to show off his bed to anyone who will listen…and I love to lay by him and read stories before bed. It’s really a win win situation happening.
My favorite part is in the morning when he gets up, he opens his door to find a baby gate. (Jazz put the gate up just to make sure he doesn’t wander in the night.) Every morning he says “Heyyyyyy… who DID dat!” like he’s all offended. 

nite nite linc

1 thought on “Linc gets an upgrade.

  1. Ack, big kid!! So handsome. If it makes you feel better, Dot didn't give up her binks until she was nearly 3. One day she decided they were for babies, was so depressed for about 48 hours, then was done forever.


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