swim lessons

If you follow me on instagram you know we have had swim lessons for the past two weeks. The first few days were a bit rough but once they got used to it, it was great. Actually that’s a lie, Lincoln cried every day pretty much- he loves the water but he does not love going under. Especially if it’s not his idea.

Every morning we met at my mom’s pool with our cousins and our best friends. 8 kids I think total, and our instructor (Margaret) was awesome. This is her third year teaching Isabelle and every year we love her just a little bit more. This was the first season that it really “clicked” for Izzie. Seriously the first day she wouldn’t even put her face under water to blow bubbles but now she can swim basically everywhere. Sometimes she would be so determined to do it herself, Margaret would reach to help her and she would say “I CAN DO IT MYSELF.” Typical Isabelle.

She took the kids in shifts- Lincoln and Margo together and the big kids in groups. Lincoln mostly screamed a lot, but it was comforting for him to have Margo with him. I’d say okay Linc it is your turn to swim! And he would say “Marmo too! Marmo too!” And off they went, sobbing together. When she went under, Lincoln would cheer her on- “You DID it marmo! You DID it!” She calls him “Leeland.” It was so adorable- we are really going to miss her when she goes back to Arizona at the end of the week. We have loved swimming all together basically every single day.

Since losing Maxwell I think I’m extra nervous about the safety of my other children. We spend a lot of time in and around the pool and I think swim lessons are such a good investment. I feel a lot more comfortable every year that we do this so they can learn to be more capable in the water.

“Mom can I call them my cousin-sisters?”

possibly my favorite face of all time. Lincoln loved it.
Much happier when finished.

Iz and Charlotte
Iz and Kira
Lincoln kept covering his one eye like OH MY LIFE IS SO HARD.

Lest you think I only take pictures of Lincoln crying (Morgan.) here is Lincoln loving it. And Margo crying.

This is her silly face. Seriously.
those post swim cuddles sure didn’t hurt.

And because I’m so proud of her:

2 thoughts on “swim lessons

  1. How fun! Your kids are seriously the cutest. I hope things are going well for you. Glad you get to snuggle Lincoln still.


  2. Leeland and Marmo? Heart squozed.


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