tippy toes

Saturday morning we had a little recital for Isabelle at the ballet studio. Isabelle loves to dance, mostly she loves to run free and be creative. Wednesdays are special days for her because Grandma picks her up for ballet and they have their own little date.

just getting ready to begin.

She is so precious! Also, so tan!

Her very first bun. She was so excited.
Grandma Cindy always brings a special book to read during their class. It always relates to the “props’ she has for that day… sometimes they have umbrellas and some days they have kites to fly. Bee wings to wear. Fairy wands to wave. She is so creative and so good with these kids. Not to mention, patient. Eight 3-4 year olds for 45 minutes? She wins. 

Practicing their rhythm with baby dolls.
Aunt Mo and Margo brought flowers and Isabelle was tickled. (pink.)

I just could not stop watching her, it was like she was the only kid out there. Flashing us thumbs up signs and big smiles. I am so proud of her- not because she has mastered basic ballet steps (let’s face it, she’s four.) but because she is gaining confidence and learning to listen, to follow directions, to be creative. Plus her little body in tights and a leo is killing me. Seriously, her little legs! agh. 

One of my favorite pictures, possibly of all time. 

2 thoughts on “tippy toes

  1. I'll bet Grandma Cindy is the best dance teacher for 3-4 year olds EVER. What a dolly Isabelle is!


  2. When did your child get to be so FRIGGING TALL?


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