this is a real place.

Well, we are back.

Yesterday I said I had no idea what the date was or even the day of the week…today I am a little bit more confident. I think it’s Wednesday! Ta-da! Going to Maui is like pressing pause on regular life- no computers or appointments or chores or errands. Our main daily objectives were to play, read stuff, eat food, and sleep. Check! Oh man it is hard to get back to our normal routine after such an amazing vacation.

I did seven loads of laundry yesterday and I still have more to do. How is it possible that we took that much? Did we really need 150 pounds of luggage? Ehhh probably not but it was nice to have toys and books and things that the kids are used to.

I took 500 pictures. Yikes dash.

We spent valuable time with my sisters and their families. I miss them a lot. And the kids! Holy cow they were so cute. Loved the sand and the pools and ocean waves.

Anyway. You know what comes next. Photobomb posts. You’ve been warned.

1 thought on “aloha!

  1. I am jealous. That sounds SO amazing! Wanna trade lives? You have the life I want. ha ha ha 😀 Can't wait to see pictures. -Erin Hiatt


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