seeing santa

While we were in Utah, we took the kids to visit Santa at Riverwoods. No line, free, cute Santa- awesome.

As I said on fb, Isabelle asked for new hair for Olivia. Lincoln asked to get the hell off of Santa’s lap.

Classic. Linc, expect to see this in your high school grad slideshow.
One day Isabelle told me to “white this down mom.” 
New hair for Olivia
Slippers, two of them
Slippers for Grandma
Big Bow for Mom
Big Bow for Izzie
Presents (a lot)
New sparkly shoes like the church baby
A big present for Charlotte.
A tree for “winky”. A little one.
Isabelle’s lovey Olivia has been loved and loved and loved to death. She has been to Hawaii. To Pennsylvania.  To Utah and Sacramento and Disneyland. She is deflated and odd shaped, her fluff has disappeared. Her neck seems broken and all of her hair has fallen out. Isabelle plays and pulls with her hair when she is sleepy and even does it in her sleep. Isabelle is hoping that for Christmas, Santa will re-stuff and shape her and give her new hair so she looks new again. How cute is that.
I feel pretty confident that Santa will pull through for her. She’s been a pretty good girl.

2 thoughts on “seeing santa

  1. ha ha ha ha ha Poor Linc…


  2. I love that she asked for 2 slippers and gifts for everyone else. She is a cutie.


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