Lincoln Michael 9 Months

Little Lincoln, not so little anymore! Linc is so joyful and is seriously the happiest baby I have ever met. He thinks everything is just hilarious and if you even threaten to tickle him he will lose it. So ticklish. Chin, legs, arms, ribs, it doesn’t really matter. Giggle fits. Mostly I just want to bite his cheeks and that spot on the back of his neck that was made just for the mamas. 
Linc learned a lot this month. He was just barely learning to crawl and now he is a master crawler. Can get everywhere, even through the blockades we set up to keep him in the family room. Stairs? NO PROBLEM. Sunday we were at my parents’ house and he went up the entire flight, like it was no big deal. It’s so cute when he crawls, I can hear his little hands slap slap slap on the tile. He is pulling to a stand on basically anything- the wall, couch, fridge, any thing he can grab and stand up. Which is super fun but also sometimes a hazard? Like tile floor and a soft baby head don’t mix that well? He seems to be less sensitive than Isabelle was, I bet its all that man baby testosterone. It’s a good thing we lowered the crib when we did… 
Because Lincoln is moving so much, his little body and face have really thinned out. His thigh chub is gone and he really only has one chin now. But his cheeks! Still fluffy! He is sleeping pretty good, definitely down to two naps a day which has been really nice. Sometimes he wakes up at night screaming and we go in there and he is sitting up, looking all confused like WHO SAT ME UP I WAS SLEEPING. He is taking less milk and more food- he always has preferred food and really doesn’t care to drink his bottle as much as he used to. Definitely eating more finger food, his pincer grasp is getting really good and he loves to do it himself. 
Isabelle and Lincoln are the best of friends. He is always looking for her, and wants to be doing whatever she is doing. We were doing puzzles on the kitchen table and he kept crawling and getting stuck under all the chairs because he was trying so hard to see what Iz was up to. Did I mention he is obsessed with Olivia? Like, totally attached to it. Always wants to carry her around in his mouth like a little dog. We put it on the counter, he crawls to the counter and tries to get it. He loves it. Isabelle is not amused though..we got one for him that is similar to Olivia but he hasn’t quite taken to it yet. He also loves to chase balls all around the house, around and around trying to catch them. We call him Linc, Linc-ers, Linc-y Loo, Linc-erton, and “baby winc.”
My prisoner.
yep, it’s a pink sleep sack. He has almost grown into the blue one, whatever.
We love having Linc around, hard to remember life before he joined us! I keep saying that if all babies were like Lincoln, I’d have about twelve more. 

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