baby linc’s nursery.

Well… my baby is nearly seven months old, it’s probably time I share his bedroom. Hi, I’m behind. Let me tell you a secret though, Linc hasn’t slept a single night in his room. I KNOW I’m so weird and I can’t believe he is still sleeping in our room but its worked and when you have a baby that sleeps pretty good you don’t want to mess it up. He has started waking a lot more frequently than normal… that combined with the arrival of his blackout curtains.. I’m determined to get him in his own room. It just feels so far! (It felt… far. Name that show morgan.) Tonight’s the night.

Anyway. His nursery. I love it, it’s very much what I envisioned when we found out Lincoln was indeed a gentlemen and I immediately started thinking about his space. Actually I think Jazz’s first thought was “$$$$$$$$.” My mission: a budget friendly baby nursery that would be easy to grow with. If you know me, you know I just am not into characters and if that is your thing more power to you but it just isn’t for me. Here is the post I did with the inspiration for the room back in September: Space for Baby Boy. (PS Look at that changing table I initially liked, then look at the one JaNae painted for me. Like twins. Can’t believe it.) The room is mostly finished now, there are some things I’d still like to do but we’ve got time.

I love nautical stuff. I love yellow and grey. And white. And blue. So we just went with it.

Glider: on loan from my sis-in law. Nightstand and lamp: repurposed from Izzie’s nursery. Picture from my college apartment. Giant metal jack: tuesday mornings.

My favorite part! Changing table refinished and gifted by JaNae. Shelf: consignment, painted by Jazz. Changing cover: Me, owl: gifted from my mom, print:  Etsy. Grey toy bin: Target.
Bookshelves: Ikea
diy mobile! paint chips! Prints: etsy, frames: michaels. Rug: ross, ($9.99) Bedding: a local baby store- someone makes them. Cute boy bedding is hard to find- plus this was way cheaper than I thought it was going to be, and also 100% less frustrating than attempting it myself. 

Curtains and black outs: Land of Nod. The beautiful baby blanket on the glider was hand made by my wonderful Aunt- I’m sure it took one zillion hours to complete but its so soft and wonderful. 

The print in the middle is from Where the Wild Things Are- “Please don’t go, we’ll eat you up we love you so.” 

And his shadow box, like the one I did for Izzie. Tiny shirt, his first hat, important bracelets and cards, and his umbilical cord. HA just kidding oh man that is so gross. 
Hi I\'m wearing size 12 to 18 month. Nbd. by miccolene
Update on Lincoln to come, he will be seven months this week which is closer to his first birthday than the day of his birth. I am dying.

2 thoughts on “baby linc’s nursery.

  1. Th nursery is adorable! I love the cute paint chip mobile and all the cute decorations, you're so good at this stuff!


  2. Th nursery is adorable! I love the cute paint chip mobile and all the cute decorations, you're so good at this stuff!


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