a name and a blessing

On Sunday March 4th, Lincoln was given a name and a blessing in church. We were so thankful to our family for coming to celebrate with us on such a special day. I’m not going to lie… we nearly missed it- despite my best OCD planning skills, we were late.  All was well until 10:40, I had just finished nursing him and all we had to do was get me dressed and get him dressed and loaded into the car. Well, I got my dress on and Jazz was zipping me up and it the zipper broke. Like, broke broke. I had even tried it on the night before to make sure everything was working and it fit and there were no problems. So.. I couldn’t get the dress on all the way, but I couldn’t get the zipper down enough to get the stupid dress off.

I’m trying to dress Lincoln in his little outfit while Jazz is working on my zipper, meanwhile Isabelle is SOBBING hanging off of the fridge handle because all she wants in the whole world is juice and we are evil parents. I’m tearing through the house because I can not find his tiny white knee high socks and regular socks will just not work and I literally could not find them anywhere. I’m a tornado of destruction. Lincoln was screaming because I couldn’t get his head in that tiny hole because there were straight pins (!!) in his outfit that needed to be removed and I just turned around to Jazz and started crying. Hello, hormones.

Basically he had to SHAKE me out of it and say woman knock it off let’s do this thing. We never fixed my dress, in fact it was only half on for the entire morning. Thankfully my sweater covered the part of the zipper that was broken but also I felt a little….loose. The socks were never found either and I CRIED about that because every mom wants tiny knee socks on their baby dressed in white being blessed. So dumb.

Not pictured, Scott, who had to attend to his church duties.
Linc was super well behaved and didn’t cry the entire time. Well done.

I lurve his little suit with the Peter Pan collar, so so cute. Morgan and company made a DELICIOUS brunch for us after church including stuffed mushrooms and chocolate covered strawberries and cupcakes and salad and potatoes and all kinds of goodies. Girl can COOK.

Mo cut all these things out. Cause she is awesome.

That night I found his knee highs in a box in the garage. OF COURSE RIGHT WHERE I LEFT THEM. Curse word curse word curse word. So later I dressed him up again so I could take pictures of how cuuuute he looks in his complete outfit without the pressure of being late or having a broken dress or dealing with a toddler throwing a fit.

Knee highs!

Eyes = definitely going to be blue. I lose again. Or is it a win?

Want to bite them.

3 thoughts on “a name and a blessing

  1. I am way sad that we missed it but so super happy to read about it and see all the pics. Thanks for sharing so much of your special day. xoxo


  2. I am way sad that we missed it but so super happy to read about it and see all the pics. Thanks for sharing so much of your special day. xoxo


  3. Love his romper, and socks, and the shoes. Why don't new babies wear shoes any more? They make the whole outfit.He is a mirror image of his sister. So cute.


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