a shower for baby boy sorensen

Last Saturday, my sister-in-law threw me the most adorable woodland themed baby shower. I feel so spoiled! She wanted to do something very small and casual since this is my second baby and I felt so honored and loved. A few of my close friends gathered for food and presents- my kind of party!

How cute are these owl cupcakes? JaNae knows I’m not a chocolate cupcake lover, so she made pumpkin cream cheese. I think I ate twelve.

All the details were so cute and thoughtful.

They also had an advice tree for me. I know nothing about baby boys. NOTHING. Help wanted.

And you guys will die when I show you this. This dresser belonged to my great-grandmother at her cabin in Utah and JaNae has had it in her garage for awhile. I pinned a similiar one to my pinterest board for the baby’s room and JaNae saw that and TOTALLY REFINISHED IT FOR ME. Can you even believe that? It is so beyond perfect for the nursery changing table- the yellow is the perfect color and the legs are the perfect little spindles and it even has wheels like the one I pinned. She did such an amazing job and she was SO generous to give that to us as a gift. I was so giddy when I saw it.

Seriously I looooveee itttttttt. I can not wait to get the nursery more complete so I can show you for realsies.

Kelly and Tiff (who both helped a ton). We went to high school together and now we’re all having babies at the sameish time.

Mom and me and my sisters!

JaNae, Mom, Me, Lanece, and new friend Tiffany

Everyone was so generous- every gift was a total reflection of my style and were totally things I would buy. I have such great friends, and this new baby is s-p-o-i-l-e-d. Thank you so much for making me feel so special!

2 thoughts on “a shower for baby boy sorensen

  1. What an adorable shower!!! Baby boys are so much fun, but I don't know any different. The dresser is so you! What and awesome SIL you have to do that for you! Miss you tons. If you were here I would have had a shower for you and that baby boy!


  2. Wait, no fair!!!! You wouldn't let us take any photos at your first shower. 😦


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