the one without ac

We are celebrating the 4th of July this weekend by forcing my parents to host us at their new house.  Approximately 4:55 on Friday evening, our air conditioner started making noise. Not a good noise like “hey I’m gonna keep your house so cool!” More like a horrible, terrible no good very bad day kind of noise. Jazz hurried and called every AC company in the area. They all said the same thing- we are closed for the next three days for the holiday weekend. Happy 4th! They may have just said “you will suffer for the next four days and there is nothing you can do about it.We had family in town, so we turned the air off and left for the night. We returned about ten pm, and the house was only moderately warm. I was raised in the polar ice cap house so I’m used to subzero temperatures at night. I sleep in a mummy bag, usually.

We braved the night- and it wasn’t too bad. Our house is well insulated and it didn’t get warmer than 73 degrees. We slept without our comforter and did just fine. The next day, (Saturday) things just got worse. Outside temperatures reached 105 degrees. Temperatures inside the house reached 86 degrees. My internal temperature reached “intolerable.” We jumped ship and came to moms, clothes and diapers in tow, where we have been nestled cozily for the last few days. Isabelle is totally thrilled to have sleepovers at Grandmas. The food is excellent, the company is great, plus they have a pool. Basically we have decided to move in indefinitely! Just kidding. 30/70.

Jazz took apart the air conditioner thingy, and concluded that the part that is broken is the fan blower thingy, and he thinks we can get a part Tuesday morning and have it working by Tuesday night. IF THINGS GO TO PLAN. Otherwise, we will be at the Sumsion Compound for a few more days. Not that I’m complaining! I took a great picture of Jazz with his body in the attic and his feet dangling down but of course my phone is so 1999 and didn’t save it so I have no visual for this post. Just pretend in your mind, ok? Or Jazz to the rescue with a good visual of what broke, notice anything out of place?

Our plans for the day include laundry, naps, and a possible trip to the lake, which is exciting. Hope you all have a fantastic holiday weekend..and that your air conditioning functions!

1 thought on “the one without ac

  1. Air conditioning is functioning over here, but it is cold and overcast. What the?!? Really crazy. Thought about you guys while we were at the parade today. Tanner drove his Gator this year and threw out candy. Miss you guys!


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