Morgan’s Wedding

It feels so weird to type Morgan is married. But she is. Last Saturday we all gathered at the Mount Timpanogos temple to celebrate their sealing. I cried like a teeny baby… weddings always make me emotional but baby mo? married? the last sumsion to seal the deal? Tears.

Friday we had a wonderful grooms dinner in Salt Lake with all of our family plus JR’s family. The best part is WE ALL LEFT OUR KIDS AT HOME. Well, with responsible baby sitters. But we could talk! To other people! Without filling bottles or changing diapers or chasing down speedy toddlers with messy hands! All of my siblings and their spouses sat at one big table and we all felt like normal grown ups. It was awesome.

Scott is mid sentence and Jazz is doing a surprise attack.
Saturday was the special day. (Mostly because I got to eat Noodles and Co. for lunch. Just kidding. 20/80) Their ceremony was so personal and just fit them- JR’s grandpa sealed them for time and eternity. Here we are waiting for the newlyweds to exit the temple together. Mo opted not to have bridesmaids- but to have all the family wear grey, black, and yellow. It was really beautiful- all the babies wore these adorable yellow dresses and added a perfect pop of color.

Here they are, here they are!

Sabs is now dethroned as newliest newlywed. Sorry dude.
 My mom and dad….mom looking amazing in a vintage dress from the 1950’s. Could she be any cooler.

This is one of those pictures I will keep and bring out in 20 years when one of these babies gets married. Madilyn, Isabelle, and Jakob, peeking into the temple.

Mo, JR, Madilyn, Kira, Ruby, Isabelle and Jake. Please notice that my chlid is the only one trying to escape. JR literally had to pin her between his knees. Also notice she is the only ladybaby refusing to wear a bow. You can  guess that pictures went well for us that day.

Isabelle at the reception, where she maintained a strict diet of chocolate covered strawberries, leaves, and lemonade.

Morgan’s amazing cake, which of course she baked and decorated herself. This is in addition to the awesome Settler’s of Catan grooms cake presented at the grooms dinner the night before. She really outdid herself, every layer was delicious. And because I am special I have the entire top tier in my freezer, suckaaas! Also, side note, you can see a broach on Morgan’s bouquet… it belonged to my Grandma June and all three of the Sumsion daughters have used it on our bouquets. Fun to have a common thread in all three weddings.

Mo’s dress, really beautiful, fit her perfectly and the color was divine. Mom did the hairpiece.

Cake cutting!
The only pic of me and mo. And it’s the end of the day so I’m leaning a bit towards ragamuffin. I’m excited to see the official shots from the photographer, he was amazing.

Of course, Morgan had a special dance with my dad. I feel like that was just me! Tear.
At the end of the night there was this gorgeous sendoff with tons of giant two-foot sparklers. We all gathered at the front lawn and they ran out of the reception center and into their awaiting car and drove away. And then I really cried- it was so beautiful, the perfect end to her perfect day. This is how Isabelle ended her day. By throwing a fit in the parking lot and laying on the cement.
I have to say that we have some amazing friends and family who helped us take care of Isabelle so we could attend some of the non-baby friendly events. On Thursday night I made a desperate call to my friend Sydney.. we needed someone to watch Isabelle so we could go through the temple with Morgan on Friday morning from about 10-2. Syd is soooo great she watched Isabelle for us, and since she lives in Sandy and we had to be in Provo, it was an extra two hours of baby sitting. 9 am to 3 pm. Did I mention she has a three year old? And a one year old? And her husband went out of town? Seriously, if that doesn’t send her the highest level of heaven, I don’t know what will. Syd- thank you, thank you, thank you.
Best part of the day: Seeing Morgan so happy. She was so, so happy. I also loved seeing friends/ family/ extended relatives… Last time I saw Uncle Bob and Aunt Orlinda, I was 9 months pregnant with Isabelle! Another special part was sitting with my mom and dad, my four siblings and their spouses all in the sealing room of the temple at the same time together. Really a memory I will never forget.
Worse part of the day: Well, the saddest was watching Mo drive away (as Mrs. Williams!) and realizing I didn’t get to hug her gbye or anything. More crying. Come back, Morgan. Move into my spare bedroom and raid my pantry.
Our trip was wonderful and consisted of much more than just this giant wedding celebration, so I’ll do a separate post about the non-nuptial based events.

Congratulations to Morgan and JR.. we love you both!

5 thoughts on “Morgan’s Wedding

  1. Everything looks just fabulouso. We had a nice niece wedding the same day and it too was great. So happy for Mo.You are perfectly full of good info.


  2. Morgan looked beautiful! So happy for her. She did an awesome job on her cake. How special that you were all in the sealing room! I am sure that made your parents so happy! Isabelle was a delight and we would take her back any day! Miss you guys!


  3. That was one of the sweetest posts I've ever read! Your parents will have large golden thrones waiting just for them in heaven! How amazing that they were able to raise all of you to be such wonderful people and to be able to ALL be in the Temple at the same time is something that not a lot of families get to experience! What a wonderful blessing!! Congrats to Morgan! She's a beautiful bride! Thanks for sharing Micci!


  4. Congratulations, Morgan! This post made me choke up a little. Seems like just yesterday you were all a bunch of teenagers and middle schoolers, and now you're all married. Gorgeous.


  5. Hey – Aunt Kathy (VK's sis!) here – Vick has told me how wonderful your blog is, and I thought I'd check it out. I'm so happy for your great family, congrats on all being in the Temple together. Our youngest, Megan, was married the same day, and all of my siblings, plus my 4 children were all in the sealing room together. Nothin' like it!loveyou.


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