Easy Peasy Valentine Wreath.

I am a lover of wreaths. Also yarn, and we all know that I practically have an affair with felt. I will proclaim it again, I LOVE FELT.  I came across this easy tutorial for wreath and I thought to myself, “Miccolene, you could make that.”

So I did! And it is one of my favorites projects because it is easy and cheap. How easy? How cheap you ask? I’ll show you.

I was supposed to write this blog a few days ago. You know, before the Crash of ’11. My intent was to take a picture of this adorable wreath hanging on my mirror on my mantle. But we all know what happened. Mirror crashed and burned, took the wreath with it. The good news is that yarn is very resilient! Almost as much as felt! So use your imagination and pretend that glorious white mirror is still hanging and this cute wreath hangs amidst it. It looks way better in my mind and memory.
You will need: Your choice of yarn, a straw wreath, felt, hot glue. Grab some yarn, wrap it a zillion times around a wreath. Make some flowers, glue them on. BAM. done. Okay for real directions, go here: Wreath Tutorial.

18′ Straw Wreath: $3.88
Two packs of yarn: $5.50
Hot glue: cupboard
Felt: craft bucket.
Do you see how cheap this is. Something else exciting, I figured I could re-use Isabelle’s pink birthday crap for Valentine’s Day. Perfect! Felt pom balls on the mantle are leftovers. Pink checkered vase was free with some flowers a few years ago- the little flowers currently in the vase are from the dollar store. Wooden heart garland from Mother Sumsion, circa 2007. I’d love to put some cute glass jars filled with pink and red candy on the mantle too- but beardy Jazz and I aren’t eating candy right now- more on that later.
Anyway, the best part is- you can use any color yarn, any kind of embellishments! Exclamation point! I kind of want to make some teeny tiny ones and put them basically everywhere, they are so cute. Only a few more weeks until Valentine’s Day, so if you don’t get it done in time, just make an Easter colored one. See how versatile?

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