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I was telling Morgan this morning that something is missing from my blog. My posts are fewish and far between and usually revolve around the one named Isabelle. Which is fine- it’s actually great! Because I love her. And she is The Cutest Ever. But did I ever tell you about the tiny dress I sewed from scratch? Or that one time I saw a woman smoking whilst her baby was strapped to her via bjorn and I had to say something? Did I relate to you the story about my primary class that is ELEVEN children strong?

See? There are so many things that are missing. When I started blogging, I blogged about everything- dates and red carpet horrors and recipes and funny things my husband says. I think I’ve been slacking in the focus department because my blog has suffered the poor fate of Baby Syndrome. I love mother blogs! (I refuse to use the word mommy.) I love hearing about your children! I like seeing four hundred pictures of Halloween costumes! But that isn’t why I started this blog. So- I gues what I’m saying is.

I’m back. Back to blogging. Back to weird posts about snuggies and shark suits and did you see that show on tv? And while Isabelle will be, let’s face it, prominently featured throughout- there will be other things covered such as the reason why my fingers are currently covered in white spray paint. Just for example.

2 thoughts on “hey there

  1. I look forward to these posts. Also, THANK YOU for not using “mommy”! I love you for that. Especially not repeatedly in the third person when talking about yourself. Makes me gag. I won't even answer Max when he calls me Mommy, he knows I hate it so sometimes he does it just to test my patience!


  2. I can't wait. Your blog has always made me smile and laugh.


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