As of late.

Isabelle made it through the whole Cascade Christmas show! Okay well, she slept the last little bit but I was still very impressed. She popped down to the greenroom to say hello to us before it started.

Mrs. Clause
Isabelle’s blurry but it’s the best one we got. Isn’t that always how it is?
Sometimes I want to start a blog called Isabelle’s Outfits and just post pictures of what she wears. I’m sure I will be the only follower but she is SO CUTE in winter clothes.
We are teaching her to jump on the bed. Which I’m sure we will regret very shortly.
Best outfit ever! Doesn’t she look like a porcelain doll?

Agh, so cute, I die a little bit.

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks with the show and Thanksgiving and doing our holiday prep, blah blah blah. Today was a nice, rainy Sunday. I took a nap- one of those amazing conked-out naps where you don’t even move an inch. It was heavenly. AND. AND AND how have I not mentioned this before?

Isabelle. is. sleeping.

We had three nights last week where Isabelle slept all through the night, like 7:30 to 7:30. ALL NIGHT. Glory glory hallelujah. HALLELUJAH I SAY. The other days have been super close, like she wakes up at 5:30, drinks some milk, and passes back out. One morning I had to wake her up at 8:30. I woke her up! In the morning! I really with all of my heart and soul hope that this isn’t just a phase, I’d like to think we are learning and growing and will permanently be finished with the 2 AM song and dance routine. And by permanently, I mean until Isabelle can climb out of her crib or has a bad dream or gets sick or we have another baby.

4 thoughts on “As of late.

  1. Ha ha – you're mom's costume is awesome! And of course I too love Isabelle's many outfits. That hat is killing me. Hope you're enjoying this holiday month.


  2. That gray outfit is making my heart explode. Can I have it in grown up size? Or tiny baby sized for Dottie?


  3. Isabelle's outfits are to die for. Oh the joys of little girls…maybe one day I will be so lucky. Your bangs look amazing. I love them.


  4. She does have some very cute little outfits!


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