What I do.

The other day, one of my pre-married-life friends asked me if I like being at home all day. She asked me what I do to fill my time and if I missed working away from home. She told me she could not even imagine not going to work everyday. Did I miss it? What could I possibly do everyday all day long?

I didn’t really know what to say. Most of my day is spent on the floor, creating new ways to present the same old toys to Isabelle before she realizes she is bored and wants something new. So what if she wants to chew on my leather handbag. She is content! A big portion of the day is feeding her- breakfast, lunch, dinner of solid foods and plenty of bottles in between. Together, we read silly animal books for the hundreth time. This morning I scrubbed my kitchen floor and chroloxed my bathrooms until they were spotless. Sometimes I am in my pajamas when Jazz gets home from work. Once in awhile, Isabelle and I leave the house and embark on mysterious adventure to Target or Safeway. That is kind of what my life is like everyday.

Monday is laundry day in the Sorensen household, and so while Jazz was getting ready for work, I fed Isabelle breakfast and then rolled her high chair around the kitchen so she could watch me go through the mound of laundry I had excavated from our closet.

So, short answer, yeah-staying home and doing laundry with my baby is pretty awesome.

3 thoughts on “What I do.

  1. that video of her laughing is soooo CUTE!


  2. Dude. You can never guess how busy you are going to be until you are doing it. My days are so full and busy – going to work was much easier and lamer. I use to think like your friend but I was sooo wrong. Taking care of infants is intense. Moms deserve more street cred – it is hard work. The biggest differece between working and staying at home is that in the mornings you are happy to be there. p.s. my arms are getting buff from carrying that 18 pound lad up and down 3 flights of stairs.


  3. baby laughs are the best 🙂


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