7 Months

Dear Isabelle,

Today you turn seven months old! In a few years time, these little milestones probably won’t seem important, but for now they are so exciting to recognize. This month you have really grown- your thighs are getting chunky and your cheeks are more round then ever. You even feel longer to me- like when I burp you over my shoulder, your little legs bend and curl at my waist. We visited new baby Jakob in Irvine a few weeks ago and I was shocked that you were ever that size. I browsed through your first few photos and felt so nostalgic for that special time in our lives.

Just as of this week, one jagged shark tooth has popped through your pink gums and this morning I noticed your other one coming in too- good work! Soon we will be able to share our favorite foods with you- although I’m pretty sure grandma has been sneaking you delicious snacks this whole time. You eat regular meals now and love mangos, peas, beans and carrots.

Well, one thing is for sure- you love to be entertained. You laugh when you see people dance or giggle when we sing silly songs to you. You are a multi-tasking baby and can play with toys AND eat lunch. In fact, we had to make a trip to Target to clean out their toy aisle since you are so bored with your old toys. You love to be on the go- trips out, walks in the baby bjorn, stroller rides at the mall, anything to keep your eyes and mind occupied. You are so delicate with your tiny hands. You move them so purposefully and reach for anything that catches your eye. You show no interest in crawling- instead you lock your legs and stand up every chance you can get. We are a little worried you are going to skip the whole crawling thing and be running around here before you know it. Time to baby proof the house.

Speaking of the house. Your new room is set up, your pictures on the wall, your hanging mobile in place. It feels so good to have a stable place for you to be familiar with. I remember planning ever detail of your nursery before you were born, I wanted everything to be perfect. I think we have finally set up your crib for the last time and I’m so happy to see your little body rolling around in there every morning, just like I imagined.

This is not new this month, but you still don’t love to sleep. If only I could express to you the worth of a delicious afternoon nap or a long night of deep sleep… But alas, you still wake a few times a night, sometimes to eat, sometimes to play, and I’m going to just pretend that you miss us so much at night that you want to party. Lately, we have been reading stories together in the very early morning- before the world is stirring. We read about colors, about jungle animals and farm babies, we read about caterpillars and gorillas and sheepies and hippos. This is some of my favorite time of the day- just me and you, and you are so attentive and quiet in my lap. I hope you love to read as much as I do.

Isabelle, you are now closer to your one year birthday than your day of birth. If it’s possible, I love you now more than I did then.

Love, love, love you.



2 thoughts on “7 Months

  1. Oh my gosh, she looks SO BIG in the bath picture! When did that happen?!?!?


  2. She is a beautiful baby! I'm sorry she isn't sleeping much. 😦 I am so glad you finally moved into your house! Hooray!!!


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