Even in his sleep.

Scene. The other night, I’m crawling back into bed after feeding Isabelle. It’s 3:00 ish. Or 5:00 ish. I have no idea because I’m delirious.

Jazz sits straight up in bed. “WHAT DID SHE HAVE OPERATED ON.”

Me: Um. Whaaat?

Jazz: “Well, what part!”

Me: “Jazzy, darling. I think you are asleep still. Izzie didn’t have any surgery.”

Jazz. “Well, the ones at the hospital did.”

Me: “Ones? What? No- we just have one. Singular. Go back to sleep. shh. there now.”

Jazz: “gobbledofsdflzzzzz.”

Just another example of how much of a super concerned and caring father Jazz is to little Isabelle- even in his sleep. He does more than his fair share of night feedings and paci-replacing and rocking sessions without being asked. He takes her in the evenings so I can have a nice long bath, or read a magazine, or sew something uninterrupted. And I look forward to my Saturday mornings knowing that every week Jazz will voluntarily get up with her so I can sleep in. I’ve suddenly lost my ability to nap or fall asleep during the day-which is weird considering when I was pregnant I was a borderline narcoleptic. Just that extra hour or so on Saturday morning is a fluffy cloud straight from heaven and very much appreciated.

I know I’ve said it before but I’m so lucky to have him. Not just lucky- thankful and grateful and giddy everyday that he is my baby daddy, yo.

And for our out of town friends and family here is a video (I never add video!) of Jazz making Isabelle giggle and laugh while having play time on the floor.

3 thoughts on “Even in his sleep.

  1. lol! aw that is awesome!!!


  2. I LOVE that. Ryan just did something similar a few nights ago and had me giggling to myself. When Douglas was brand new he repeatedly shot up in the middle of the night, searching for the baby in his pillowcase.I'm telling you, watching the man you love become a daddy to the child you love is an AMAZING experience.


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