Random Stuff: Title by Morgan Sumsion.

Remember how we are moving?

Like, in a week?

I guess I should be preparing and packing and organizing and sorting. But I’m not. I read somewhere that moving to a new home is ranked among the top most stressful events in your life. I always get a little anxious when I know that stuff will be unorganized and thrown into a car somewhere only to end up in a random place in a new house. And by anxious, I mean HOLY CRAP WHERE’S ALL MY STUFF.

Ask Jazz. I am prone to go nuts if the box marked “Kitchen” accidentally ends up in the bathroom. Or if the random last left-out plate gets thrown in with the Christmas decorations. Nuts I tell you. I’m trying my best to be at peace with it this time because I know this is our last move in awhile. I will have lots of time to go through everything and throw away Jazz’s stuff when he isn’t home. (Relax honey, its just a joke.) (Or is it? Mwahaha)

I will feel much better when we get there and get settled, when the boxes are unpacked and everything is put away. We will eventually need a couple things like a couch or two and a dresser for Isabelle and stuff for the walls, but there is time for that. Right? Tell me there is time for that before I reach for a paper bag to breathe into.

Besides the whole buying a house thing, I’ve kind of been obsessed with fabric and sewing. Poor Jazz comes home to find me at the machine and Isabelle buried under yards of material. I’ve learned a lot and tackled some new projects, I’m sure I’ll blog about them eventually. I’ve had some successes and pretty major failures. (damn seam allowances!) I finally cleaned up my area today and have vowed to take a little breather to catch up on housework and laundry and regular life.

Also. Isabelle is kind of sleeping more? I don’t know, she still wakes up to eat at 10, 3ish, and 6 am. My mind is so blown because she slept for 7-8 hour stretches most of her little infant life. Now I’m not sure if she wakes up because she is genuinely hungry or if it is because she is simply used to it. Regardless, she is falling asleep better on her own and we are all thankful for that. The jiggling, rocking, please-go-to-sleep song and dance was awfully tiring. Naps are on a day by day basis- some are better than others. I really can’t believe her 6 month well baby checkup is next week. What the whaaat!

Starting yesterday, I’m not allowed to buy anything for Isabelle for at least a week, maybe two or three or four. Seriously, out. of. control. You would assume that because we live in a small town, we don’t have a lot of options for baby boutiques and stores. Well, you would assume wrong. Enter the World Wide Web- I’ve ordered stuff that she can’t even use or wear for a year or so just because it was on sale. If my mom was here she would scold “Mic-o-leen! Stop it this instant!” But mom! She is just so cute in her new dress/outfit/sandals/hat! Okay, fine I’m done.

I just re-read this post and whoa nelly it’s pretty random. I guess that’s what you get when you are sleep deprived and your brain can’t complete one thought without fritzing out. Bedtime, yo. Well, at least until ten.

2 thoughts on “Random Stuff: Title by Morgan Sumsion.

  1. just don't throw away Jazz's cape!


  2. You have lots of time to get everything you want/need for the new place! It's fun once all (or at least most) of the boxes get unpacked.I swear, moving is among my top 3 least favorite things to do just BARELY behind dying. I HATE IT. And Ryan becomes useless during move time because he hates when I snap at him for making his fourth “random stuff” box in a row. JUST ORGANIZE IT! I believe we are finally recovered.


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