In the middle of the street…

So I had this entire post about Isabelle and her habit of not sleeping. About how she is up multiple times a night and wants to play instead of sleep. About how her naps are a scanty 15-30 minutes long most of the time. About how yesterday she was so tired and cranky she cried so hard she barfed all over everything just as we were heading out of the house. It was one of those days.

I was getting ready to publish it and I was like whaaat this is ridiculous. No one wants to hear me whine about my baby who doth noth sleepeth. Everyone has a “baby who won’t sleep” in some way, mine is just literal. And so instead I’m going to post about something so awesome and exciting that my mind is being blown as I type this.

We bought a house. A beautiful four bedroom home for our family. And, as a bonus, we just found out we are closing a lot earlier than we thought- April 1st! I’m not a big fan of exclamation points but for this I will put that aside and SHOUT FOR JOY!!! Three exclamation points! In a row!
It’s so spacious and open, the kitchen is beautiful, and there is a fenced in backyard with a patio. Tons of room for Isabelle to run around and play and space for us to grow and expand. Plus, it’s only a hop, skip and a jump away from my parents’ house! We will be able to ride our bikes to Grandma’s for lunch and swim time in the summer.

I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. We move in just 2 1/2 weeks and for once, I am thrilled to pack up our stuff and haul it across town because this is our last move for a long, long time.

Please excuse cell phone picture…

Of course, I can’t wait to decorate and furnish and set everything up- especially Isabelle’s room. Anytime I start talking about what I want to do, Jazz’s eyes get huge and his brain explodes just a little bit. That’s prettys standard Jazz though. So if friends/readers/strangers want to help us move April 2nd, we can definitely use some extra hands! (exclamation point!)

5 thoughts on “In the middle of the street…

  1. your exclamation points are used well, very well. that's a good looking house, it's perfect for you guys!! i think jazz's brain can handle a little exploding for such an awesome cause.


  2. i love exclamation points. i'm an exclamation point slut. it's embarassing, really. but at the moment i may be too overcome with jealousy to use them. or read your blog ever again. beautiful house- CONGRATS!!! (& possibly goodbye forever)


  3. congrats to you guys, Micci! That's so exciting, and so wonderful you'll be so close to family. That really is such a blessing. Good luck with packing (again) and especially, getting to decorate and buy things for your new house. 🙂


  4. Congrats! That is SO exciting. I can't wait to see more pictures of it. Sorry about Isabelle not sleeping…that is the worst. Hopefully you won't be packing and unpacking again anytime soon after this.


  5. Wow! This house is awesome. Congrats!


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