2010 Oscar Recap

I love watching the Oscars- Jazz and I usually print out a ballet and compete to see who can guess the most winners correctly. I am proud to say that I recovered from my slightly narrow loss last year to brutally kill Jazz in the competition this year. Sucka! You never saw The Hurt Locker coming!

Highlights include: Steve Martin and Alex Baldwin as hosts. Just the right amount of mockery and humor.

Best Dressed:

Sandra Bullock: Gorgeous dress, gorgeous hair, gorgeous makeup. Timeless. Best she has ever looked. She’s 45! Give me a break!

Sarah Jessica Parker: Loved the vintage look! The best shot was when she would turn around- the back of the dress was beautiful and her hair was huge. I love huge hair, can’t go wrong.

Rachel McAdams: Some people didn’t like this dress but I loved it! I thought it looked like a swirly watercolor just painted all over her body. Not everyone could pull this off, but it looked fantastic on her.

Ben Stiller as an avatar: Brilliant. The tail thing? Had me dying. I love that he didn’t bother to shave his beard, he just painted over it. Ben Stiller is right up there with Will Ferrell. Well, close anyway.

Worst Dressed:

Charlize Theron. I’m sorry, but really? We couldn’t have placed those rosettes anywhere else? It’s very forgettable and bridesmaidy.

Miley Sirus: At first glance, I was like- hey, this is kinda pretty. I think I would really have liked this on someone else, maybe someone a little older? I don’t know, the bodice is tight, I’m not crazy about her hair and makeup. She could be the bride for Charlize’s bridesmaid dress.

Mariah Carey: FAIL! How many times do I have to tell you, Mimi! Its boobs OR leg! NEVER BOTH. (Sorry I said boobs, mom.)

Honorable Mention:

Cameron Diaz: I really thought this dress was stunning but something about her top half just wasn’t quite right for me. Earrings? 80’s Wave? I don’t know, I can’t put my finger on it.

Overall it was quite the impressive showing of celebrities and egos and tears and speeches. Jazz, I accept your challenge for next year’s event, though you will never prevail again.

7 thoughts on “2010 Oscar Recap

  1. Sandra Bullock did look amazing, but what was up with the front of Sarah Jessica Parker's hair…it was like frizzy. Charlize Theron's dress was a disaster! I couldn't believe it…the rosettes and color. Yuck!Glad that you beat Jazz this year.


  2. Sandra Bullock stole the show, I thought. She looked so so fab. Charlize, agreed. Are those roses holding her in place?


  3. Hannah Montana's posture was Not Good, friends. Poor SJP… she looked so tired, leathery, and just a mess. Where were the SITC make up peeps?


  4. Hannah Montana's posture was Not Good, friends. Poor SJP… she looked so tired, leathery, and just a mess. Where were the SITC make up peeps?


  5. Great re-cap on the Oscars! You should write for the Hollywood mags! Love looking at your blog! So entertaining and fun! Isabelle is growing like a weed and I have to admit, looks a lot like her daddy.


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  7. Yeah, can you do something about Miley Sirus's posture. That would do wonders for any dress. I'm with you on most of your opinions, except I didn't really like the front of Sarah Jessica's dress. I think you had to see the back to get the front which is just wrong. Charlize and Mariah were terrible. I think the awards shows in the 80's always had terrible fashion, so they do seem to be better now than in the past.


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