How to make an edible Valentine in 7 hours or less.

You will need these items:

And one special helper (with toys to distract said helper)

Soon it will start to look more like a cake and less like a bunch of ingredients.

Make sure you save the extras for a snack- and keep your phone handy to speedial your personal pastry chef sister.

And even though your counter will eventually look like this…

It will be worth it when you are all finished!


First full size fondant cake = success.

3 thoughts on “How to make an edible Valentine in 7 hours or less.

  1. It turned out adorable! I am impressed with your made baking skills. Isabelle looks like so was a good helper!


  2. beautiful! I have always wanted to try fondant. And that filling looks awesome. There is nothing better than eating a great cake! Wish I could help you finish it off. 🙂


  3. wow!!! talented are you! I cant even make toast. 😉


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