Reasons I have been missing from my blog:

1. Remember that one time I had a baby? Well, she is still here. (and cuter than ever) Time to myself now constitutes 10% of my day. Nuf said.

2. I got sick. Like, really, really sick. The kind of sick where you puke (and I NEVER puke.) I never ever once threw up during my pregnancy with Isabelle, suddenly I get the stomach flu and its like I drank a cocktail of Ipecac and raw chicken juice. (Mom I’m sorry that I’m blogging about barf.) The Sumsion household was a hotzone for awhile while it circulated through most of us, thankfully Isabelle and her rocking immune system did just great.

3. We have moved from Sumsion Paradise into our cozy apartment across town. We stayed with my parents through Christmas to be able to spend time with our family and enjoy the holiday together. Then we stayed a little longer to avoid unpacking. Then we stayed even longer because I was so sick. Then we finally had to buck up and be adults again. Who can blame us? Hot meals, help with laundry and lots of extra hands for baby-holding. It was wonderful. Anyway, the point is that we just got internet up and running this morning at our new place.

How is our new place, you ask? Its lovely. Tons of natural light, lots more space than our Sandy apartment- actually I’m not sure what to do with it all. We are still unpacking and getting everything arranged. Part of me thrives on organizing our stuff and being creative in putting things away. The other part of me wishes I could windardium leviosa everything and just be done with it.

I will not mention how many boxes we have in the garage labelled “Jazz’s Junk.” It rhymes with spelve.

6 thoughts on “MIA.

  1. Hey Sweets, Could you please send me your address to VKHodgman@gmail.comGlad you're feeling better so you can unpack, 'cause it's so fun and all.


  2. I can't believe you're back in Redding! Oh, our home town… This must be so nice to be close to family. What part of town is your place?


  3. Hey there! I tagged you in my blog today, make sure to check it out!


  4. I was going to ask what part of town your apartment is in, too. What ward?


  5. We are in 1st ward, over on the other side of town. We are actually living in Scott and JaNae's old apartment. Its a 2-bdrm townhouse. Eventually we will look for something more permanent, but for now its great.


  6. 'Spelve' hardly rivals all of his junk he still has in PA!!!!


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