The Evolution of our Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone! We are having a lovely day at home with our whole family. Presents were opened, delicious breakfast was eaten, movies were watched, naps were taken.

I love Christmas. I think I get that from my mom. She loves Christmas the most. Our house is bedazzled in wreaths and swags and lights and snowmen galore. Its kind of like Disneyland, but the food is better. Fancy!

Last night we had our traditional crab and clam chowder dinner. We sang around the piano and read the nativity story from the Bible. We opened our one Christmas Eve present (jammies!) and sat around the Christmas tree to catch up. This year, all four siblings and their families were in attendance. It was just like when we were little.

I remember so many Christmases from my childhood. Sleeping upstairs so I wouldn’t hear Santa, Mario kart tournaments until the early morning hours, racing down the stairs with my brothers and sisters to see the spread on Christmas morning. I loved those times. Now our holidays are a little bit different. There are babies running around. Isabelle was passed around like an Olympic torch. Our family is slowly multiplying and it just keeps getting more fun.

I thought I would miss being a kid and believing in Santa and all the magic that comes with that. But, honestly, I like this part better. Having children around brings all that magic back- their faces are priceless, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world. Plus, I still feel like that little kid running down the stairs to see what Santa left me.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I like being semi grown up. I love my husband. I love Isabelle. I love spending the holidays with our family. We have had a wonderful Christmas together and I look forward to many more.

3 thoughts on “The Evolution of our Christmas

  1. Micci, I love that picture! Just looking at it brings the holiday spirit, brings back memories, and makes my heart happy. Ha! What awesome family traditions your family has.


  2. Christmas sounds magical at your house! So neat that all off your siblings were able to be there this year. What great traditions your family has. I am with you I thought that I would miss being a kid, but nothing is better than the expressions on kids faces Christmas morning!


  3. The picture of the living room should really be in a magazine. Gorgeous, and old fashioned traditional.


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