An update..

I’m working on a post about how Isabelle made her entrance into the world- but for now here is a quick photo update. I had to narrow these down from about 300 pictures that we have taken, and I really could have put all of them on here. Seriously, she is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.

We are home now and doing well. My mom is here staying with us and has been a HUGE help making meals and doing laundry and also she is the Queen Burper of the Land. Jazz has stepped into his role as a father beautifully, he loves this little baby so much. He checks on her in the night and helps with feedings and rocks her back to sleep when she is fussy. I could not do any of this without him, he is such a great husband. I loved him a lot before we had this baby but I love him even more now that she is here and I see them interact. I am one lucky girl.

As for Isabelle- she is amazing. She smells like sweet puffs of heaven and her skin is the softest thing I have ever felt. When she is awake, she is so alert and she opens her big dark eyes. When she sleeps she cuddles and coos and has these big sighs that are so precious. I had no idea how small she would really be- her little fingers are teeny and she has these chicken legs that I just want to nibble on.

Anyway. Here are some pictures from the hospital.

She loves loves loves to stretch her legs.

I love this face. I’m sure we will see this when she is a teenager.
Proud Dad

Time to go home!

Our family of three

9 thoughts on “An update..

  1. She is so beautiful! Isn't it crazy that the once empty carseat now contains a baby you grew in your body? Humans are miracles. I love the family pic. You all three look so wonderful.


  2. Oh Micci, she really IS beautiful! (some babies, not so bueno, but your baby really is beautiful!!)CONGRATULATIONS!!


  3. Great pictures! Love the “feet” and the perfect umbilical cord. It's amazing how baby's even start out with their own likes and dislikes. Kathryn's baby Ellery never wanted to stretch her legs. Was most comfortable all snuggled up, like before entry.(and btw the verification word that I have to enter below is “blesti”) Telling of how blessed you all are.


  4. Such nice pics! I love the one of her in the stroller with her little hands in fists!! Congrats to you and Jazz. Enjoy EVERY minute…even when you are up all night! 🙂


  5. She is so cute. Congrats. Enjoy your first week home as a mommy! It is so fun


  6. She is so cute. Congrats. Enjoy your first week home as a mommy! It is so fun


  7. i love the close ups of her sweet face. gorgeous little thing! & i love hearing about newborn scent. bliss. congratulations!


  8. Isabelle is ADORABLE!!! I love your family of 3. Thank goodness for a good husband and mom. I am so close and would love to help anytime…seriously.


  9. The pictures look much better on your cute blog. She is a beautiful, perfect baby! Congrats you guys!


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