This part.

Today we hit 39 weeks. You are probably thinking, “Hey, I recognize that outfit!” Yeah, because its ONLY ONE OF THREE THAT FITS ME. My shape is so different, I think the baby has dropped some and I really hope she is making some plans to eventually come out.

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and I am making some progress- I won’t go into details because I’m fairly certain my mother would drop dead if my blog post included the words cervix or dilation. We set up another appointment for next week, which will fall right on my due date.

This is the part of the 40-week pregnancy that you don’t really think about. In the beginning you think about making it to the milestone end of first trimester, hearing the baby’s heartbeat, trying not to throw up. Soon you are flying through the second trimester, counting down the days until you have that all important ultrasound and can find out the sex of the baby. Then you hit twenty weeks, you are half way.

You start to feel the baby move and it is the greatest feeling in the world. Suddenly you are in your third trimester and you can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by- you are making plans and having baby showers and washing tiny clothes.

Then you hit 37 weeks. You are full term. And you wait. And wait. And wait. THIS IS THE PART NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT. And suddenly, the first 37 weeks of pregnancy seem so insignificant and silly because you just know that you will be pregnant forever.

I’m packed for the hospital, car seat installed, all ready to go, but I am basically at the mercy of this tiny 7 pound baby that has taken my body hostage. Now, I’m sort of a “planner” type person and I hate not having this delivery penciled in on my calendar.

I know, I know, sleep while I can, get things done, make more baby items, I KNOW. I’m just a tad impatient. Plus, I’m getting really tired of these same three outfits.

PS- We have so much great baby gear that I am excited to use once she actually comes- I’ll let you know which things are great to have and which ones to do without. I will be reviewing a fun Skip Hop changing pad kit from the nice people over at– check their website out for really good deals on nursery furniture. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “This part.

  1. LOL! You are more patient then I am! I will be a wreck!!! I hope I find out that I am pregnant when I am more then 2 months along!(if that is even possible!). I still think you are a cute, entertaining, prego gal! Hope to hear when she comes! Tell Jazz to text everyone when she comes!


  2. Yes, you will be pregnant forever. Wait, I vote that you have the baby on whatever due date I picked. You will be pregnant until exactly then.


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