Banana Split

This was me. Yesterday. Approximately 5 pm. Leaping from my office into my car for the LAST TIME EVER.

I can not stress to you what a momentous and JOYFUL occasion it was. You know that ending part in Braveheart, where Mel is totally going to die, and you are basically sobbing, and they are like “dude just give in and pledge your allegiance…” and Mel like takes a big breath and yells FREEEEEEDDDOOOOOOOM. and then he dies.

It felt kinda like that.

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate this job immensely. I am thankful to have found a position immediately after my college graduation, with good hours, good pay, and flexible vacation time. I can’t say it was a perfect fit for me, and I am honestly very surprised that I lasted as long as I did. Back in February when we found out we were expecting, I could not imagine working up through my 38th week of pregnancy.

But I did. And I am so proud of myself.

And if I wasn’t carrying around a billion extra pounds and sporting some hefty kankles, I would have SKIPPED all the way home.

Today I woke up feeling like a new woman. I know this period of unemployment will only last a few weeks until our baby comes and I become a human feeding/changing/burping machine, but it feels like the calm before a very beautiful storm. I love that I have a little time to relax, organize and prepare things- after all this is the last time in my life that I will NOT have a child. Weird? Yeah, totally weird.

3 thoughts on “Banana Split

  1. Congratulations Micci! I can't believe you only have a few days/weeks left of freedom. Too bad you can't sit through a movie comfortably! (That is always how I feel at the end.):)Way to go and enjoy your freedom.


  2. Whoo Hoo! I am so glad that you are done. Freedom. Enjoy these next few days before she gets here. I am impressed that you lasted until your 38th week!


  3. Stumbled across your blog…..Those onesies are absolutely precious!!! And I am with you on the B&B scent. I can't believe you had never been to Hob Lob before, beware it is totally addicting.And if I could give you any advie (advice from a random stranger, none the less) – but SLEEP NOW. You will wish you had. I wish I had listened to that little pearl of wisdom. :)Take care,Alyshia


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