Week 35

Alright so here is my headless body at 35 Weeks 2 days pregnant. 33 days to go….

Is it weird that I can’t remember a time BEFORE I GOT PREGNANT. No, I’m kidding, but it sure does feel like that. Baby Sorensen is basically ginormous now-18 inches long, 5 1/2 pounds, about the size of a honeydew melon. According to my books, this baby is squishing all of my other organs including my heart, which actually shifts positions at this point. Are you kidding me.

I feel better now than I did a few weeks ago and I credit that to the Emancipation from Full Time Work Proclamation. I’m nesting and organizing and getting things done and it is wonderful. Our nursery is coming together SPLENDIDLY- I will post pictures soon because it is turning out so cute.

The baby moves more than ever now, especially at night between 8-10 pm. She wiggles and kicks and it is so entertaining! Also, I find myself swaying all. the. time. I sway when I sit, I sway when I stand, I sway when I put mascara on. Did this happen to any of you other pregnant ladies? My coworker tells me to stop because it makes her nauseous, I don’t even realize I’m doing it. What can I say, this baby likes to be rocked.

Here’s another fun bit of information: I am growing out of my maternity clothes! So fun! No really it isn’t fun. I’m so close to the end, its like do I go buy a few things to tide me over? Or do I just throw in the towel and look like a hobo until the baby comes? Decisions!

I had a visit with my doctor this week and he said everything looks good, I’m just rounding third base with home plate in sight- except I’m not sure the base coach is waving me in. I have had zero signs of imminent labor, which is good since I need this baby to bake a bit longer. I predict the baby’s arrival to be sometime in 2010.

Jazz quote of the week: I was showing him an outfit we had received as a gift- it was a cute dress with matching bloomers. He picked up the bloomers and said, “Oh hey, look! It comes with matching Spanx!”

3 thoughts on “Week 35

  1. The quote of the week was awesome! I can't wait to see her nursery done. You have the best taste. I don't remember swaying when I was pregnant, but that doesn't mean that it didn't happen. Now after is a different story.


  2. You will now sway the rest of your life and you have to consider it a gift and not a curse! Jazzy so rocks and we can't wait for this little girl to make her triumphant arrival! Go team Mic!!!Love you tons and tons and can't wait for yet another shower! PS – everyone expects pregos to look silly. go for the hobo look for now and save your money for cute things later!!!


  3. How interesting that I was anonymously named as coworker and not my friend Stacy. How very interesting indeed.


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