Mother’s Day

My 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Bessilever decided that we would prepare a fancy “Tea for Two” gift for our mothers. It included two herbal tea bags, some little cookies, and special lacy napkins. I was thrilled. My mother would totally LOVE this. We would put on hats and gloves and dine in high fashion together, as grown up ladies did.

On Mother’s Day, I presented my mom with the Tea for Two goodies in a cute little sack, all carefully decorated by me. In the afternoon, we set the table, put on our fancies, and sat down to enjoy our tea time.

I picked up the tea bags, cut them open, and proceeded to dump them into the warm water so they could dissolve. I stirred and stirred and the little bits were not dissolving! What was going on?! My mother smiled and picked up our tea cups, and in a few minutes returned to our table with some lemonade replacing the unsuccessful tea water.

“Here,” she said, “this is much better. We can have our tea now.”

And so we proceeded with out tea party, just the two of us, and she never spoke of my tea-making mistake.

Thanks Mom, for covering up the tea incident, for driving me everywhere and for being kind about my prom dress choices. Thanks for being honest about my hair cuts and supportive about my music lessons. Thanks for not laughing at me when I was 16 and was crying because I had died in a video game. Thanks for dragging me to church when it was early and making sure I wasn’t home too late. Thanks for giving me best-friend siblings and protecting me from bad friends. Thanks for letting me travel to Europe by myself, even though it was scary for you. Thanks for all of the delicious warm chocolate chip cookies you baked for me late at night. Thanks for being theatrical and silly and for singing at the top of your lungs.

Thanks for teaching me how to be a good mom.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, I’m so glad we got to spend it together.

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Cute post! Happy Mother’s Day to you! It was fun to see your mom and even though I don’t know her that well…she has made quite the impression on me and seems like a great lady! You are lucky to have her!


  2. Cindy IS a great lady and Mama and Mic, you are going to be so great, too! XOXO


  3. Hey Micci,I wanted to write back about the car seat. I do love the Peg but honestly I think that the Chicco is equal to the PEg and $100.00 cheaper I think. We were given the Chicco by Kent’s brother and it has been really great. How fun! Car seat shopping is seriously one of my favorite baby shopping things to buy. That and strollers!!! Just in case you want my opinion (which you didn’t ask for I know:)) the best 2 strollers I think you can get is the McClaren Quest. It is an umbrella stoller but soooo great and really good for traveling and the Phil and Ted’s stroller is AWESOME for places like the zoo or museum. It can also become a double down the road in case you decide to have another close together. That is what we specialize in!:)Good luck!How fun!


  4. You learned from the Best!It is sweet that you are so appreciative to recognize that.I hope I am that good of an example to mine.


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