Boys are silly.

Conversation with Jazz on our way home from Church on Sunday:

Me: “Man, I am so excited to get home. I’m totally going to eat my leftovers and take a nap”

Jazz: “Yeah, and you probably want to get out of those sausage panties.”

Me: “Um….excuse me?”

Jazz: “You know, those tight little sock things you have to wear to church.”

Me: “Do you mean nylons?”

Jazz: “Yeah, those. Sausage panties. Exactly.”

4 thoughts on “Boys are silly.

  1. hilarious. And insluting to women. But true all at the same time. For that reason I never wear them, no matter how cold it is!


  2. That was awesome! Never heard them called sausage panties before!


  3. Just hopped on over from Clancy's…I'm originally from Red Bluff! Saw that Micci is from Redding…small world. =>


  4. First of all…I heart Kaci in a big way! Second of all, I love that Jazz is such a dork and if he remembers correctly, he is a BIG DORK as was written (much to his dismay) on his cast many years ago!


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