Our Year in Reflection

Yesterday was the first day of 2009. Jazz and I both had the day off for the holiday- being adults and having normal jobs DOES pay off sometimes! We spent the day eating treats, playing the Wii, watching 30 Rock, and taking a nap. Do I feel guilty about being so lazy? Not even a little. We sat and reflected on our year together, we laughed and giggled about our engagement and our wedding day. We remembered funny stories from our travels together to Cancun, Disneyland, and California. It was a day of perfection. Here are our favorites from 2008.

February 10th: Jazz got down on one knee in front of most of my family and said “Miccolene Sumsion, from the day that we met, I have known you were perfect for me. I love you so much, I love you with all my heart, and I want to ask you to marry me.” You might guess that I said yes. Watch the proposal here.

April 18-27: I spent about ten days in Europe with my family. After nearly missing my connecting plane in San Francisco (seriously, by maybe three minutes.), we traveled London, Paris, and Rome. We saw the most beautiful artwork, experienced Wicked from the front row, had dinner on the Eiffel Tower, and spent an hour inside the Sistine Chapel. It was the most amazing trip of my life, but it was torture being away from Jazz for so long- especially without the convenience of my cell phone. (Or mobile if you want to be British.)

May 7: Madilyn June Sumsion was born to Scott and JaNae. She was the most beautiful newborn and she is the happiest baby I have ever seen. She loves to smile, dress up, and play with her tongue. It has been so much fun to step into my role as Favorite Aunt.

June 14: The day Jazz and I were married. I can honestly say that the day was perfect. I know behind the scenes it was probably not as smooth as I perceive it to be, but that’s okay. I felt so beautiful I think I was floating most of the day. I will never forget Jazz’s face as I walked arm in arm with my dad down the aisle toward him. Heaven.

June 15-20: We spent six days on our honeymoon in Cancun. We ate great food, sat poolside, floated in the ocean, and saw the ruins at Chichen Izta. our first trip to Mexico was a huge success.

July 19: We got two brand new nieces this year! Adalie Elizabeth Stott was born to Mark and Britta. It was so fun to visit them in the hospital and see this tiny little baby only a few hours old.

October 30: Jazz and I flew to Anaheim to introduce Jazz to a little place called Disneyland. We stayed with my brother and his wife. It was awesome, I think Jazz was a little blown away at the awesomeness of the Happiest Place on Earth.

December: Leigh and Mex visited for the second time this year. They are the best of friends and we had a fantastic time braving the cold up at Snowbird, shopping, and singing at the ward party with Santa Jazz. We fled snowy Utah for a sunny Christmas spent with my family in Redding…see below for details.

This year was big for both of us- an engagement and wedding, birthdays and haircuts, migraines and moving towns, working full time jobs, blogging and photos, graduating college for me, zoo visits and church callings. We had so many “firsts” together in 2008 and I know there will be many more to come in 2009. I am excited for the opportunities that this year will bring to us and anticipate another great year together.

3 thoughts on “Our Year in Reflection

  1. That was such a fun post!! It has been such a fun year for you. How awesome that you have your engagement on video! (I might have to do something like that…don’t hate me!) Thanks for the help with the camera!


  2. Sounds like a great and eventful year for the two of you!


  3. Awww wifey, what a great year it has been! I love you! – JazzyPants


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