So. It’s Saturday. I’m at the grocery store. It’s snowing. I’m in sweatpants and a hat. (Sorry mom…desperate times..desperate measures.)

My phone rings. I answer it, stupidly. It’s the 1st counselor in our ward bishopric. He would like to talk to me. Today. Soon. Now. Half hour? okay. wait, not okay. My house looks like trailer trash.

I race home. It’s a good thing we have that spare bedroom because it is perfect for throwing random crap into when people are on their way over. I put on normal pants. I mean, I have some dignity left, don’t I? Eh.

1st counselor comes and wastes no time.

“We would like to extend an ADDITIONAL calling to you to be the Secretary to the Young Women.”

What. This is impossible. I’m basically still a Laurel and Morgan hasn’t even gone through the program yet. Are you sure it isn’t the other Sister Sorensen? Its -EN you know, -EN.

Fast forward: Church, third hour. Holy army of teenagers batman. There must be 25 of them posed and ready to attack the feeble adults in the room. Crap, the theme…like the Pledge of Allegiance only more robotic. Double crap, they put in a new phrase! I will never ever remember that.

And then I felt old. Winter formal was last night. My hair! You looked cute! The music was so totally lame! I went with Conner! Our day activity was sledding! (what the hell is a day activity) omg you guys finalssssss.

But–I liked it. And I am going mostly going to be the Fun Leader (because I’m the secretary, duh) But sometimes I will have to be the Spiritual Leader and also if it gets out of control the Strict Shhh Leader. And also—I’m excited.

10 thoughts on “12/15/08

  1. And on top of that extra line, I heard they just added an eighth VALUE. I was just barely starting to get the last theme down! Makes me feel old too. Which is sad, because I’m only 23, and feeling old is ridiculous because I also had the problem of being way too close in age to them to be an effective YW leader. Anyway I’m rambling, so, good luck I know they will LOVE you!


  2. You will be great! They are all going to love you because you are not OLD!! Not all of them are that scary…only a few. That extra line still gets me every time! Listening to them talk makes me so glad that I am not in high school anymore and even more happy that I am married!


  3. Yeah, what was up with the whole “strengthen home and family” addition. wtf. It only took 3 years to memorize the original. Anyways, good luck Micci. It’s nice having cool, not so nazi leaders in YW. Sounds fun.


  4. Congratulations! And I love your Christmas themed blog design.


  5. Those girls are going to love you! While I never went through the program myself I am certain that they will adore a young, hip, very pretty and quite spiritual leader! You were built to be a role model and I am way excited for you! CONGRATS to you. How lucky are those girls?!


  6. This was such a great post. OMG. You will be so perfect for YW. Seriously though. Good luck. I hate teenagers.


  7. Ha ha ha ha ha… teenagers. That’s awesome.Once they added the new line to the theme it stole my entire ability to say a single word of it correctly. Apparently it was in my mind like touch-typing. If they added a new key to the home row my typing would all turn to jibberish.


  8. Yikes! You’ll totally be the “cool one.” And look at it this way, you’re out of Relief Society. Double bonus.Congrats! You’ll be great in there.


  9. Micci-you are going to be fabulous! I wish I had a YW leader like you! By the way, I was playing the Nutcracker last Saturday night. You should have come and said hello!


  10. Those girls will love you, Micci.My first YW calling was when I was 22 when we first moved here to Redding. Joan Fackrell, the current Stake YW president was ONE OF MY LAURELS. Talk about feeling old. I also remember watching Tom Capener and Becky Miller hang out together in the cultural hall on Wednesday nights. Sweet memories of them. Have fun. Better work on that new theme….


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