Plus my two front teeth.

Christmas. is. here.

OK, so its not but it is right around the corner and I am thisclose to opening my storage room and terrorizing our apartment with pine needles and twinkle lights. Its hard to express my love for Christmas. Or pinpoint my favorite part. Wrapping presents? All the shopping? Holiday treats? fancy clothes? The pretty lit houses? Snow everywhere? Scott playing Santa in the Cascade production? family family family? THE SALES! ok thats it- sales! No, but really I love Christmas so much.

Since I can’t OFFICIALLY kick off Christmas until November 28th, (which, incidentally, I found out is a paid holiday for me. As in, I will be paid to shop black Friday.) I just wanted to send my Christmas Wish List to Santa so he can get a great head start.

Here is my 2008 Christmas must-haves-or-else-I-will-covet-them:

  • Nikon D-60: I hope Santa has a Costco card! I have wanted a really nice camera for awhile now. I document my life regularly via photo and blog and it would GREATLY improve the quality of the images if I could please please please have this camera.
  • Crocs Specialist, size 8: Yes, the are ugly. I know that. But great grapes of wrath they are so comfortable. And under pants you can’t see them very much, right? Extra arch support for the ballet dancer feet my mom accidentally bred me. (Sorry mom. I did band.)
  • Price and Prejudice, The Original Goodness, on DVD: It rained the other day and I needed this movie and it was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. Stealy, Stealy roommates. I hope your Alias DVD is broken.
  • These Adorable Cupcake Stands: If you do not pledge allegiance to Etsy, you should be very ashamed. I found these cupcake stands a few weeks ago and almost bought them ALL just so I could have them ALL to myself. Well, can I at least have one in every color?

  • Non-existent Grey Leather Handbag: In my mind I have this image of a soft, charcoal, slouchy, leather handbag with a perfectly sized arm strap, a zipper (optional), and two cute front pockets with buttons or fasteners or something. Why don’t you exist? Why can’t I find you? We are soul mates I know it! I promise to take great care of you and love you forever. Please look for me.
  • Anthroplogie Apron: I like aprons. They make me feel fancy even when I am in pajamas. Its like wearing fake clothes! Anthro has the cutest aprons. My friend/hair stylist extraordinaire Kira gave me one for our wedding and seriously I wear it every night. And sometimes day. And sometimes to work.
  • Wilton 101 Piece Tool Caddy Collection: For my inner-baking self. No, for our future children’s birthday parties. No, for our dinner parties! No, for sugar cookie decoration! Mostly so poor Mo doesn’t have to come over when I call her and say “Hey, uh, do you have that food coloring that is the bright kind? and also do you have that one tip that makes grass?”

  • Snapware! The more the merrier! I can’t get enough of this super deluxe Tupperware. Last nights soup can go with me to work in my purse. Thats right, my PURSE. Just like that. Bam.
  • Espresso Knightsbridge Uggs, size 8: Oh dreamy bootland! Since it snowed last week I have been wearing nothing but boots with the furrr. I love them. All I want in life is to live in the arctic tundra so I can wear them 365 days a year. And also to procreate.

Look at these babies. Smooth as chocolate. Warm as a fleece quilt. Comfortable as those 95′ Old Navy pj’s you are still holding on to. PLUS they have a ZIPPER in the back so the whole pant/kankle/calf-kle thing isn’t an issue! Isn’t that fabulous? One can never have too many boots!

Phew. Alright well there it is. Micci’s list 2008. What is on your list this year?

9 thoughts on “Plus my two front teeth.

  1. 1. I promise to tell mom about the camera2. The crocs are awesome, you will love them. They are forty dollars.3. Sabs has pride and prejudice. steal hers.4. I want those cupcake stands also. but not really, instead i just want food platters.5. You will find it. I have faith in you.6. Don’t you have like four aprons?7. YOU ARE GOING TO FALL IN LOVE WITH CAKE DECORATING IF YOU GET THIS KIT. Also, we will have to have a demonstration night so I can show you how to use each tip properly. In a helpful way, not in a demeaning way, I promise.8. MORE snapware?9. I want those uggs now too… I’m actually looking for a pair of red boots this year. No, it hasn’t been done I don’t think. But it’s like the only color I don’t have.K. That’s all.


  2. I’m thinking of getting a Canon D-40, but the cheap side of me is thinking I’ll probably just get a Rebel with a nice lens, since a great lens will help any camera. Yes, that’s right, my camera got STOLEN in June, and we’re putting the insurance money toward a house, so I don’t get a new one until we get a house. Harumph.Also, why do roommates always steal the best stuff? Oh stories.. that I won’t share in case they stalk my blog comments.


  3. Hey! I don’t have your email address or I would have told you about my blog…and my baby! You two look so happy:) I miss seeing you every two weeks!!!


  4. I’d like Santa to pay off my credit card. Is that an option?Yes, I’m in the camera-lusting club also. A better/cooler/newer camera will always be on my list. Forever.


  5. You are so funny!! I love reading your blogs


  6. Don’t worry our radio at work turned over to Christmas tunes November 1, AND I feel great about it. I realize Santa isn’t the same now that I’m 22, but hey, I feel like a little kid again anxiously awaiting Christmas.You’re list is great! I’m glad you here me on the etsy thing. I could spend a lifetime perusing, but then I would have NO money.


  7. Love your Christmas list! You will have to tell me if you love your new camera…I always want a new camera! Those Ugg boots=adorable! Those aprons are also so cute! I might need to get one!


  8. K I am glad I am not the only one who love Christmas! How cute are thoes cupcake holders I want them too!


  9. Damn your Santa must be BALLIN!!! LOL j/k I gotta get my wish list crackin too. We have the tightest lookin crocs at macys they are like pink leopard with fur. i fuckin love christmas BUT i am not lookin forward to black friday as i will be working boo. BUT that does mean more dinero for me so i might even be able to buy u a gift lol! see ya in a couple week biiiiiiyatch!


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