Weekend of Magic

Our trip to Disneyland was even MORE fun than we had planned. Here are some highlights. Also, if you hate blogs with tons of pictures, you will not enjoy this.

The typical “quick we just got in the gate take a picture” picture.

Me and SIL Rachel. A perfect hostess.

Me and Mom eating a churro. Ok so its a Mickey shaped pretzel. I couldn’t get any churro pictures because I was too busy DEVOURING them.

My super cute family eating Mexican food.

Me and Jazzypants waiting for the parade.

This one is my favorite picture slash ride.

Me and those parents of mine. Isn’t my dad so stylish?

Main street with the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle behind us

You know mom’s having fun if she is giving a thumbs up.

Jazz said “aw man, I should have moved over to the right just a little, then I would have had Mickey ears!”

All snuggly at the fireworks.

After 4 straight Splash Mountain runs…at midnight..

“Uh, are you eating a pickle?” “Yeah and its delicious.”

Things I wanted to do:

  1. Watch Jazz experience the magic that is Disneyland— Check. He was SKIPPING in the Space Mountain line.
  2. Follow my mom as she drags us to Splash Mountain at midnight—Check. See above pictures.
  3. Eat lots and lots of churros— Check. Total: Four
  4. Catan showdown with the California Sumsions—Raincheck
  5. See baby Madilyn, who I hear isn’t so little anymore—Check. cutest baby alive.
  6. Buy an ornament— Does making one count?
  7. Wear my pedometer and track my zillions of steps– Check. Jazz calculated 15 miles walked. I don’t know if that is accurate…but I want to believe him. More on the walking thing later…
  8. Stay up way too late and get up way too early. Sumsion vacations tend to be a bit…organized—Check check check. I need a weekend to recover from the weekend. Is that possible?

The last time I was at Disneyland, it was just about a month before I met Jazz. So much has changed in such a short time! It really was fun to take Jazz around and show him all the exciting parts of Disneyland– but it was more fun to watch him interact with my family. They really have wholeheartedly accepted him into our large and boisterous clan and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect fit.

4 thoughts on “Weekend of Magic

  1. Oh, Disneyland. I’ve only been once, and Ryan’s only been to Disneyworld. We’re thinking about taking the baby to DWorld (closer) this summer to experience the joy together. Does that free ticket on your birthday thing work for grown ups?


  2. Umm…with the pics of your family at the mexican restaurant you mos def needed me there too! where was my disneyland invite? i thought your mom adopted me!!!


  3. It looks like you had a blast! I wish we could go to Disneyland with that much energy! Someday…when the kids don’t need a stroller!:)


  4. Did Jazz love Disneyland? I looks like you guys had tons of fun! Glad that you got your list checked off! :0


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