Disney or bust.

In a few hours Jazz and I are boarding a plane to Orange County to meet with my family and spend a couple days at DISNEYLAND!

Things I am hoping to do on this trip:

1. Watch Jazz experience the magic that is Disneyland.
2. Follow my mom as she drags us to Splash Mountain at midnight.
3. Eat lots and lots of churros.
4. Catan showdown with the California Sumsions.
5. See baby Madilyn, who I hear isn’t so little anymore!
6. Buy an ornament.
7. Wear my pedometer and track my zillions of steps.
8. Stay up way too late and get up way too early. Sumsion vacations tend to be a bit…organized.

and stayed tuned for an update on the ongoing Nancy/Nelly debate. Its getting very political.

6 thoughts on “Disney or bust.

  1. Yay for the happiest place on earth! I hope you two have tons of fun!!


  2. Have a great time and eat a churro and think of me… I have never been to Disneyland. 😦


  3. Ah, Orange County me hometown! Have fun at Disneyland. Be sure to get a dolewhip and find all the hidden cameras on Pirates!


  4. Have tons of fun in Disneyland. Jazz…I hope that you love it! Can’t wait to see all of your pics when you get back!


  5. Disneyland is so much fun! We were just there a month ago. My family is also obsessed with Catan. Best game ever!


  6. Jealous that you went to Disneyland! I hope you bring me back some Mickey Mouse ears with the name Mex on it! LOL to eating tons of churros!


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