Packing and Pancakes.

This is me and Jazz this weekend moving into our new apartment. It was so much fun- we unpacked and got all organized. Our bed was delivered and we put it together and it is SO CUTE. Its huge- it takes up most of the room but I don’t care. Its adorable and super comfy. We did some shopping and got a bunch of things done, had dinner with Jazz’s family and then finished the night off with ice cream and a movie. Perfection.

Morgan has been working on the cake- experimenting with flavors and fillings. Just a heads up- it is going to be a delicious masterpiece. I am going to have a piece of every layer just so I can taste all of them. The cake is going to take all week- she has to bake 12 cakes and then layer them, fill them, frost them, etc. I’m super excited.

This week is going to fly by super quickly. Our families start to arrive Wednesday and Thursday- Friday is a casual rehearsal for the ceremony and then Saturday is the wedding! My dress should be finished tomorrow, and I need to pick up the bridesmaid dresses too. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. There are a lot of people traveling a long way for this- my good friends Leigh and Mex are coming from Sacramento, Adrienne is coming from NY, The Eliasons and Francie and Bill (my lifelong neighbors) are coming from Redding- plus Jazz’s Dad, Aunt and Uncle from PA. My family is driving out on Thursday and then back on Sunday, a twelve hour trip each way. I feel so grateful to have family and friends that are willing to sacrifice time/money to share in our big day. We have had so much help planning the wedding and making sure everything gets done, and I really appreciate it.

I’m craving pancakes. With peanut butter. and syrup. and milk. Bootie Boot Camp is going well though- me and Mo are still being pretty good. Most everyone knows I’ve been trying to lose weight for awhile now. This week when I weighed in, I was a little over 50 pounds lost. That was a pretty exciting moment- 50 pounds is a lot. Thats like a medium sized kid. Or 6 little dogs. Or a couple big bags of flour. I feel so much healthier and I am feeling pretty good about wearing white on Saturday. 5 more days until I am Mrs. Sorensen!

5 thoughts on “Packing and Pancakes.

  1. HOLY CRAP I’M SO EXCITED! I can’t believe your big and very special day is almost here!!!!!! I try not to remember that one day when you and Jazzy were both sad, crying and hanging onto each other thinking that it just couldn’t be. It seems like a abad dream and I’m so glad that those days are in the past!!! There is so much happiness ahead of both of you now and it was all worth it (tonsil-ectomy and all!!!)You’re going to be a BEAUTIFUL BRIDE and I am honored to be your sister in law! I can’t wait to meet your family and enjoy this amazing time in your life! Welcome to the crazy clan, Mrs-Soon-To-Be-Sorensen!!!!!


  2. mic i am so proud of you. you are amazing and total weight loss role model for me!!! i love you so much and am soooo blessed you are my friend. omg i can’t wait to be there with you on your special day!! if you hear sniffling in the audience, that’ll be me – i cry over everything, you know. and you’re going to be (and always are) so gorgeous i just can’t wait for it all – every last part including the cake – yum!!! xoxo


  3. 50 freakin pounds! That’s an impressive number. You’ll look beautiful Saturday. I can’t believe it’s here already, but you’re probably thinking, please, please, let it be Saturday.


  4. 50 freakin pounds! That’s an impressive number. You’ll look beautiful Saturday. I can’t believe it’s here already, but you’re probably thinking, please, please, let it be Saturday.


  5. It is very fun to move into your new place together! It is A LOT of work.. but it is nice. COngrats! It is fun sharing your life together. You are now on a crazy, fun road!


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