So totally surprised

I know Jazz already posted, but I just wanted to share my side of the story! So I kinda knew it was coming, we had picked out rings and everything, but Jazz and my brother made it sound like it wouldn’t be for atleast a week. I was so anxious and excited and didn’t want to wait that long at all! I also knew he wanted to ask my dad’s permission, and he kept telling me how nervous he was to call home to California and talk to my parents. Little did I know that he had already called and disussed everything. It seems that everyone knew except for me!

We were at my Aunt’s house for my cousins birthday and some fun bingo games. We had been there for about two hours and Jazz didn’t seem nervous or anything. It didn’t even cross my mind that he had the ring and might propose. Jazz came over to me and wanted to make an announcement…well you can watch it on the video that Jazz posted. I was completely and utterly shocked! It was just perfect to have my entire family there watching and supporting us, I loved it. The ring is absolutely beautiful and is exactly what I always dreamed of. I am so excited to plan our June wedding– so everyone clear your calendars! I love Jazz so much and can’t wait to start our life together.

2 thoughts on “So totally surprised

  1. Micci and Jazz…We’re soooooo excited for you!!!! We got to experience the engagement through your parents, and now through the video and photos….. Yea, we couldn’t be more thrilled for you both!!!Your ring is GORGEOUS, and I bet you can’t stop looking at it, right?!!! Enjoy this precious time, and we look forward to partying with you in California!!!!Love, love, love! Francie and Bill


  2. Jazz and Micci, congrats! I can’t wait to meet ya Micci…I hope Jazz hasn’t told too many stories about me! haha. And I will make sure any speech I give is approved 24hrs ahead of time! lol


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