Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve 2020!

Even though things were kind of iffy with covid, we didn’t have our normal Christmas events and activities, we had such a great holiday. So much family time. The Williams family was here for the whole week and my kids were soooo happy to see them. JR and Margo took Linc pokemon shopping and he taught them how to actually play the game- they played for hours. Izzie and I baked a bunch of cookies and the kids all decorated them.

We did a different dinner this year since I don’t think crab was available? Can’t remember. Santa Dave popped by and we did our live nativity like always and a kid talent show which was fun.

We had so much fun setting up Christmas for the kids. We had to wait for Izzie to fall asleep which felt late! Seeing all the nights and the presents out all carefully selected and wrapped. It is one of the best feelings. Christmas as a kid was so fun but Christmas as an adult is so much better.

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