Isabelle’s 11th

Sweet Izzie turned 11 on October 4th. We love her SO MUCH. She is still very much into all things Harry Potter and Disney. For her birthday, we gave her this awesome Hogwarts watercolor to hang above her bed and a HP bedding set. She is so fun to shop for because she likes everything. Jewelry, clothes, techie gadgets, accessories. When we built her closet, we actually built an entire shelf specifically to house all of her Harry Potter lego sets. It is a thing of beauty. I think her best day ever would be listening to a new audiobook in her room with a brand new lego set. Introvert perfection.

From instagram: To know Isabelle is to love her. She is kind and thoughtful, so smart– has the best laugh. She loves to read, still very into HP, and is my best girl to run errands with. She requested spaghetti and meatballs and a berry cobbler tonight and that is SO Isabelle! A part of me is crushed that she isn’t little anymore, and another part is equally excited to see what she does with light God has given her. Happy Birthday to the sweet baby that made me a mama.

We had a swim party at Grandma Cindy’s for Isabelle’s friends. We did a big taco bar, painted pumpkins, swam and watched a movie. She has such nice friends, I am so thankful for her group of peers.

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