Easter Festivities

We had a small(er) Easter at my parents’ house, just family. Usually we have friends over too, but we were trying to keep our “circle” relatively closed. Still felt really judged for going though, the pandemic made everyone Supreme Judgers of Other People’s Activities.

We did the hunt, the kids found a million eggs, we had cold cuts and sandwiches. I LOVE easter egg hunt day because it’s not too hot, the kids are super happy, we have no where to go but just hang out. Plus, mini cadbury eggs are my favorite.

This is from my instagram: “A memorable Easter for sure. It dawned on me today that Jesus’ disciples were also his closest friends. They loved him. And the sadness they must have felt as they cared for his body, wrapped Him and left Him alone in the tomb…they must have been so heavy with grief. And then— imagine what absolute joy they experienced when He was resurrected. Joy < grief. Because of Him, we can ALL feel the same sense of relief, love, hope and JOY.”

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