An actual house update!

After months and months of dreary weather and soggy ground, we’ve finally made some headway.  Our lot was marked on April 24th, then they trenched and laid pipes and stuff and last week our slab was poured. Hallelujah! This week is framing, we will see some walls pop up and then two weeks to trusses. Walking around the concrete, trying to get a sense of space and where things will go… feels a lot more real than looking at some squares on a piece of paper.

Meanwhile, I’m working hard to make sure everything is be ordered/installed/picked when the builders need it. Tile, faucets, lighting, doors, literally from the ground up we get to choose.  It’s so much fun and I hope it all comes together and we like it, cause there’s no going back.

This neighborhood is so amazing. Kids playing in the culdesac and our bffs across the street. A nature trail 100 yards from our front door. Walking distance to Grandmas. What more could we ask for.

I’m so excited!

Forms are up
I’m assuming that looks right
lol carl the cat up there
standing in our fireplace
we have a slab!
Izzie standing in her bedroom. that little square is the entry


This is standing above the back of our house facing west.


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