Easter Egg Hunt

One of my most favorite days of the year! Easter Egg Hunt day! I know I say that about most holidays but this time I really mean it. The weather *usually* cooperates, the kids have so much fun and eat a bunch of treats and we get to sit and chat while they play.

This is how it works: there are a lot of grandkids. My parents have 18 of those little suckers and 14 were here for the day. Mom and Dad hide all the eggs first thing in the morning, we come and release the kids like a pack of hunting dogs. They also hide a couple big golden eggs for the adults and it’s a race to see who can find one first! They are haaaard to find, like maybe buried in a drainpipe or in the bottom of the pool or tucked up in the roof gutter. Dad is serious.

Mom had a big cold cut spread ready for everyone and we just ate outside and the kids played and it was glorious. Later that night, we went to the Banff Film Festival at the Cascade which is ALSO a favorite of mine so it was like ALL DAY FAVORITE DAY.

Easter Egg Hunt Day! also izzies fanny pack, lol


when did they grow up so much
surveying the bounty
so many treats
they do this every year- retreat to the playhouse to trade and hoard their goodies
first day in the splash pad
really really cold


croquet with Grandma
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