Linc, almost three

this is an old picture, but it is so perfectly Linc

I spend my days with this small human. If I could choose three words to describe Lincoln they would be soft, stubborn, and sweet. He is so cuddly! Seriously he is almost three and still occasionally falls asleep on my shoulder.

We dabbled in potty training over the summer a few times and it was clear he just wasn’t ready. I’m all about waiting until it’s the “right” ish time so resumed diapers for awhile. Honestly I like diapers. Easy. Efficient. Low maintenance. (I sound so lazy.) Anyway he was showing more signs of readiness but he was 100% uninterested.

I will be honest, the first day was a battle of wills. The morning was unpleasant. We both cried- but through the tears he DID IT. It wasn’t that he wasn’t ready, he simply didn’t want to. “I DON’T CARE!” he told me. I’ve heard all different tricks and tips for boys (with Izzie it was like hey let’s do this okay thanks done.) but I really had to cater to Lincoln. We did a sticker chart and jelly beans for successes- his stickers are earning a special toy from Planes: Fire and Rescue movie that he is currently obsessed with. Every day it gets a little bit easier- he even used the restroom at Barnes and Noble today which felt like a big deal. Today was day four, 100% success and I want to shout it from the rooftops I’m just so proud of him. Because he can be hard.

I am so thankful for his spunk, for his big personality, for all his energy that keeps me busy and falling into bed at night. I’m thankful for his humor and his little words and his strong little thighs and his wiggly toes. I’m thankful for his sleepy face and for his insanely soft ears. I’m even thankful for his janky chipped tooth that is so much a part of him now. I’m so thankful that he came second, that he has physically eased the pain of empty arms after the loss of our third.

My arms are still full. My heart is full.

Friday was possibly the most difficult day with Lincoln ever in his whole life. Today was positively delightful. And that is the beauty of motherhood, I think… we take the good with the bad because the good is just so GOOD. I know my sisters are probably rolling their eyes at this point because it’s apparently a family joke that I am cheesy emotional? Did you know this? It was news to me. Anyway, yeah it’s cheesy but I can’t help it because I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

At night when I tuck him in bed he says “lay by me, peas.” And also “I wuv you to da moon.” And when I nibble him and kiss his face off, Jazz has taught him to say “I NOT FOR CONSUMPTION.” I gotta video that, seriously it is so funny. He loves to sit on my lap and read books after Isabelle goes to school. The other day after his nap he stuck his head out and said, “I’ll be out in two minutes!” He also randomly pops a hip out, looks over his shoulder and says, “ka-chow!!” like lightning mcqueen.

“Mam, you ah my best fwend.” And when he is tired he throws his arms up to me and says, “I need you.” Not that it’s all unicorns and rainbows, he also said SHUT YO FACE to me several times over the last week. That one is just choice. He also says, “Make me a deal!” if he isn’t happy with the current situation and wants to change it in his favor. When he talks about missing Disneyland and I remind him it is far away, he says, “ahhhh, we need a airpane.” Yeah buddy we do.

I love this age.

2 thoughts on “Linc, almost three

  1. I not for consumption?? Video immediately.


  2. Yay potty training! Got any secrets for naptime/nighttime? We're not there yet.


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