according to my iphone

The weather went from pleasant to roasting pretty quickly this week- we’ve been outside as much as we can before Satan turns it up to “unbearable.” I’m gonna be honest I am straight up waddling around. I’m still pretty frequent contractions and some days I’m like hmmmmmm maybe the baby is coming sooner than later? And then they taper off and I’m just tired and I have no baby. My OB was out of town for a few days, and Mom flew off to Utah to help Sabrina and her family move to Arizona (!!!!) so we just need to hold off until Tuesday at the earliest and then the baby has my permission to come. HA. Oh I love pretending that I have control over anything.

(Sabrina’s husband Jared got a job as a flight instructor at a flight school near Morgan in Arizona and I’m so jealous they get to live by each other! Agh. Everyone just move here already.)
Anyway, here’s some stuff we’ve been up to according to my iphone.

Iz cut up all these strawberries and helped me make jam. Was the cutest.

fraggle baby

Sometimes on Thursdays my mom takes all the grand-girls over to her house for some playtime. And then I get text messages like this like because what is more fun than pretending to be bunnies– complete with noses, whiskers and carrots. What a life.

Lincoln taking his chores seriously.

lunch al fresco. I love mostly naked babies.

Working her chopstick skills on my homemade gluten free stir fry. sike it’s panda express, extra msg.

He has the best follow through- gonna shoot hoops for sure.

chucking rocks 
how naptime went. for the record she is packed for disneyland.

She wanted to practice holding the baby so I told her to practice with Lincoln. How are they the same size!
Mom is hitching a ride. Linc didn’t mind.

Practiciting her diaper skills on all her babies. She’s getting really good. Look how teeny the diapers are!!!

2 thoughts on “according to my iphone

  1. Oh my goodness, Isabelle changing her dollies diapers is so adorable I might explode. Ps I wish we really all lived super close.


  2. Anonymous is your sister Sabrina btw


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