couple things.

First. Black Friday.

Let’s discuss.

A few years ago I blogged about how much I LOVED black friday. I did love it, it was awesome. Early morning, great deals, shopping by myself…perfection. This year it came to my attention that stores started opening as early as 10 pm ON THANKSGIVING. A national holiday. This is where my love for this shopping experience puffs up into smoke. The idea of people rushing to wal-mart post-sunset to stand in line for three hours seems astonishing to me since it’s on a HOLIDAY. Yes, the good sales started at midnight, but when I moseyed on down to the mall at 7:45 AM the next morning, the sales were still going strong. I’m thinking that if it keeps getting earlier every year, we will be dragging our turkeys to the target parking lot for tail gating. I super hope we don’t get to that.

I did go out and brave the (not so bad) crowds for a few hours and got some good things- although our small Macy’s was disappointing to the max. Jazz stayed with Iz so I could “powershop” and be home before 11, it was perfect. I actually did better shopping online- the gap was having a pretty good sale and you can never beat the no tax/free 2 day shipping on amazon prime. I have probably have three things left to buy and I am DONE. Now to wrap.

Second. Breaking Dawn.

Let’s discuss.

I went with some girlfriends to see the movie and I seriously had to keep turning my head and snickering to myself because OMG it was so cheesy. Bella is just not cute and her expressions are horrible and the wolves had a cartoonesque conversation with themselves and the baby’s birth was absolutely ridiculous. I kept turning to my friend like is this for real? This really made and produced and this was the final product? Really? Best part was when they announced the baby’s name as Renesmee- some dude in the back made a huge toot noise and everyone laughed. Well done, random movie patron.

Third. The immanent arrival of the ninja.

Let’s discuss.

Now that we won’t be having any more guests in our spare room- it’s time to transform it into a nursery. So far everything is piled neatly in the closet or stacked in a storage bin, I’m feeling so nesty to wash everything and sort it and organize til my heart’s content. I forgot to buy shelf liner at target this morning (the main reason why I went.) and I’m kicking myself because I just really want to put some tiny baby socks away, you know? And hang the mobile. And mount some shelves. Okay so I wanna get the whole room done but with Christmas around the corner, can you blame me? My ticker says 41 days to go, I can’t believe how short that seems.



Let’s discuss.

Shopping for Christmas is always fun, but shopping for ISABELLE for Christmas makes me giddy. Every time I find something I think about her little face as she opens it. This year she is really understanding things more- she knows who Santa is, and who baby Jesus is and she totally loves the lights up everywhere. We went to my moms the other day after she had put up her Christmas decor and her eyes got all big and she said “WHOA.” Whoa indeed, little one.

Something about the red and green and twinkle lights around my house, combined with a christmas candle and some pandora music just makes every day fantastic. Most people love the holiday season and I’m in agreement, it’s just the most wonderful time of the year.

1 thought on “couple things.

  1. This post. Let's discuss. It was awesome. I love the “Let's discuss” segues. Perfect. Breaking dawn was lamesauce and I was just like you, turning my head every 5 or 10 minutes and snickering to my friends. Definitely thought the best part of the movie was the baby name discussion. Black Friday… I agree with the ridiculousness of stores opening ON THANKSGIVING DAY. What the..??? And, while I agree, I'm ashamed to say that I totally went out on Thanksgiving Day and bought a flat screen T.V. But that could have something to do with the fact that we had our Thanksgiving dinners with my AND Dustin's family the weekend previous, so it didn't really feel like Thanksgiving to me. We had meatloaf, broccoli and roasted red potatoes for dinner. Very non-Thanksish. SO I felt ok about it… sorta.


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