Baby Projects, Part Two

So. I’ve been doing a bit of sewing in all of this spare time in which our baby has decided not to come. I’m kidding, I’m being patient. Sike.

This is a car seat tent/cover thing I made after seeing this tutorial over at The Thrifty Chick, except I changed it a bit. I made mine kind of hourglass shaped so it fit my car seat better, and I rounded the edges so it was a little more finished. I really like the way it turned out, especially since I have seen these at boutiques for $40-$50. Mine cost $14.

I made these little flowers for the handles out of scraps and some buttons. Scraps and buttons!

Burpies galore. Found these at this website, and just made my own pattern out of parchment paper. (Good for baking AND sewing!) These were very, very easy to make and didn’t take too long. They are made with flannel and batting and I confess I find myself cuddling with them.
I made a set of four pink ones, and then Jazz requested some “more manly looking ones.” So I made the green striped/blue polka dot ones. Much more masculine.

These are just some receiving blankets I made, I LOVE the paisley one, it is flannel and oh-so-soft. The green one has this really cute green embroidery around the edge. Can you see it? Look, we live in a basement, not a ton of natural light.

Its nice to feel like I am doing something even though I am not doing anything at all. Yesterday I ventured to the grocery store. Fully dressed! With makeup! It was a miracle, really.

3 thoughts on “Baby Projects, Part Two

  1. Such cute stuff! I wish I knew how to sew, you are so creative.


  2. Great job on your carseat cover! I made mine too, but it didn't have cute flower handles! The blankets and burpies are so cute. This little girl is set!


  3. I can't wait to see Baby Sorensen in all her stylish gear. I just can't to see her, period.


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